Four Duke Divinity School students will attend the institute to explore how the theology of reconciliation can build peace in the Great Lakes region of East Africa. 
RISE helps new students adjust to theological studies at Duke Divinity School.
Duke’s doctoral programs in religion and theology have received a two-year $30,000 grant to promote pedagogical formation. 
Forty-three Duke Divinity School students have received scholarships totaling $175,000. 
Twelve Divinity School students have received grants from the Keesee Fund to support their education in the 2017-18 school year.
David Stark will gain hands-on classroom experience at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
Alexandra Tranvik will participate in an international summer program with the Fellowships at Aushwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics. 
Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants aim to help students extend their training beyond their core discipline.
The grant will help identify future leaders and support them through a variety of formational opportunities.
The new certificate aims to help students appreciate and articulate the mutual enrichment of theology and arts and to create opportunities for relating the arts to local churches and communities.