Protest at Midnight: Ministry to a Nation Torn Apart

Peter Storey
Cascade Books
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Book cover for "Protest at Midnight: Ministry to a Nation Torn Apart"

In Protest at Midnight: Ministry to a Nation Torn Apart, Peter Storey shares his memoir that explores how his ministry was shaped by one simple question: “What does it mean to obey Jesus in apartheid South Africa?"

"Let me say to President Botha: apartheid is doomed! It has been condemned in the councils of God, rejected by every nation on the planet and is no longer believed in by the people who gave it birth. Apartheid is the god that has failed ... let not one more sacred life be offered on its blood-stained altar."

Bishop = Storey preached these words in 1986, in the darkest hours of Black suffering in a South Africa torn apart by racial oppression. This memoir follows him serving as a youthful chaplain to Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, defying armed police entering his pulpit, heading the South African Council of Churches with Bishop Desmond Tutu, leading 25,000 marchers against Johannesburg's secret police headquarters, and confronting Winnie Mandela's wrongs. The book also challenges the silence of American churches in the face of nationalism, systemic racism, and right-wing populism.

Storey is a South African Methodist minister who is a former president of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA), and of the South African Council of Churches (SACC), and Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the Practice of Christian Ministry at Duke University Divinity School

Some of his other publications include: With God in the Crucible – Preaching Costly Discipleship (Abingdon, 2002), And are We Yet Alive? – Revisioning our Wesleyan Heritage in the New South Africa (Methodist Publishing House, 2004), and Journey Begun – the Story of a Church in a New Land (Methodist Publishing House, 1995).