The professor of Christian history and Black Church studies wants the church to use its resources to shape communities.
Holton takes an approach to pastoral care that focuses on the promise and story of communities.
Wylin D. Wilson, assistant professor of theological ethics, helps form students to pursue justice through the intersection of theology, bioethics, and gender studies. 
New director of Hispanic House of Studies and homiletics lecturer on the call to faith, reconciliation, and unity.
From wrath and judgment to social justice and poverty, Strawn says the ancient text offers much wisdom for contemporary Christians.
Colón-Emeric invites Christians to take up the work of reconciliation.
Smith is a public theologian who seeks the well-being of the people, especially vulnerable communities such as those facing the end of life and those on the margins.
“My work serves the church by helping students develop a historical understanding that I hope will prepare them for the complexity of real life that they are going to encounter.”
If the apostle Paul was walking the earth right now, he would probably be in prison, says Douglas Campbell, professor of New Testament.
Jerusha Neal, assistant professor of homiletics, talks about how her experiences as a missionary in Fiji have shaped her views on preaching.