Professor Valerie Cooper receives a Julian Abele award as a Graduate Mentor of the Year at Duke University.  
The award recognizes faculty who have been nominated by their institution's leaders for exceptional service to the school and excellence in education. 
Professors Colón-Emeric and Goatley participate in virtual conversation focusing on pandemic with Polish seminary.
Book containing essay by new Professor Peter Casarella on Pope Francis receives Association of Catholic Publishers award.
Fulkerson, emerita professor of theology at Duke Divinity School, is being recognized by the Graduate Department of Religion for her outstanding teaching and scholarship.
David Emmanuel Goatley shares practical wisdom from his decades of experience supporting pastors and churches during times of crisis, including how pastors can take steps now to help weather the trauma and changes of Covid-19.
Professor Portier-Young was re-elected as chair of the Duke University Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Duke Divinity School welcomes eight new faculty members in 2020.
Since my wife entered hospice, we’ve grown closer together and deeper in our faith, writes Professor C. Kavin Rowe in the Wall Street Journal. 
We do not have to let social distancing disrupt or destroy “the tie that binds” and “the fellowship of kindred minds,” writes Professor David Emmanuel Goatley in Baptist News Global.