The “Listen, Organize, Act!” podcast interviews Christian leaders working in marginalized communities.
Efird was professor emeritus of the Divinity School and taught Greek and biblical studies to generations of students.
The volume demonstrates the presence of the living Christ in the sermon as exemplified through Mary’s conceiving, bearing, and naming of Jesus.
The new formational community will support Asian and Asian-American students, encourage scholarship, and build networks at Duke and beyond.
The volume contains the internationally renowned New Testament scholar’s most significant essays over the last 25 years and represents the fruition of his body of work.
The grant will be used for a project on improving teaching through digital resources by creating a podcast.
Duke Divinity School faculty contribute to a new teaching, learning, and research resource.
Professor Norman Wirzba joins Robb Webb and Emma Lietz Bilecky for a podcast on the role of rural faith communities in addressing rural child hunger.
Professor Valerie Cooper receives a Julian Abele award as a Graduate Mentor of the Year at Duke University.  
The award recognizes faculty who have been nominated by their institution's leaders for exceptional service to the school and excellence in education.