Dean Richard Hays announced yesterday the appointment of an advisory committee to work on developing the identity, goals, structure, and initial programs of the new or restructured center that will carry forward the school’s work in the areas of reconciliation and Christianity in intercultural and global contexts. The committee will continue the work of an earlier task force, which presented its findings at the annual faculty retreat in August.

The committee will also be charged with defining the role and primary qualifications of a new faculty director for the center.

Associate Dean Sujin Pak will chair the committee, which will also include Professors Edgardo Colón-Emeric, Valerie Cooper, and Craig Dykstra. The committee will begin its work immediately, and is expected to report back to the faculty within the next few months. 

Dean Hays also announced the appointment of Abi Riak to the position of interim director of the Center for Reconciliation for the current academic year, as she continues to oversee the administration of the center’s ongoing programs.