The Clergy Health Initiative helps pastors find strength amid stress. Duke Magazine writes about the initiative.
A Duke project is teaching stress reduction techniques to help North Carolina ministers cope with the demands of their calling.
The Duke Clergy Health Initiative's new program is designed to equip pastors with tools to manage and respond to the stresses of ministry.
Clergy are notoriously bad at taking care of their own health, even as they administer to the needs of others.
The program, part of the Clergy Health Initiative, has led to improvements in health markers that have lasted over 24 months.
A report from the Clergy Health Initiative presents practical tips from clergy who have succeeded in cultivating positive mental health.
Clergy Health Initiative research director Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell and collaborator Chris Adams discuss the importance of positive mental health on this episode of the Research on Religion podcast.
The Clergy Health Initiative has published a new report that illuminates how the demographics of elders and local pastors actively serving United Methodist congregations in North Carolina are shifting.
A new study of United Methodist clergy in North Carolina has found that certain conditions correspond to both a lower likelihood of depression and anxiety and to higher levels of positive mental health.
Audio and images from the 2015 event are now available.