Duke Divinity School students, faculty and staff spent five days in South Korea exploring the theology of reconciliation in Northeast Asia and gaining insights on how to further reconciliation in the U.S.
Three Duke Divinity students will attend the conference in South Korea May 29 to June 2.
Students attended a week-long conference in Uganda to lament and share hope with pastors and peace workers in the region.
The Gayle C. Felton Reconciliation Endowment honors the former Divinity School professor and her commitment to social justice.
The students attended the Christian Forum for Reconciliation in Northeast Asia, which took place this year in Hong Kong, China.
Crystal DesVignes, M.Div. ‘17, and Elizabeth Styron, M.Div./MSW ‘17, have been named 2016-17 Center for Reconciliation Justice Fellows.
David Anderson Hooker will present the third lecture in the series Reconciliation Conversations: Parts of the Whole, part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Center for Reconciliation.
Allan Boesak will lecture on the meaning of radical reconciliation.
Peter Heltzel is the first speaker in a lecture series that addresses perspectives on reconciliation and its role in Christian life.
Ten students participate in annual GLI Leadership Institute as part of Divinity School course taught by Ellen Davis.