Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Duke Divinity School’s Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative is co-sponsoring a panel discussion on “Bioethics in the Abrahamic Tradition” on March 17 at 6 p.m. in 0016 Westbrook. This event, which is aimed at students and faculty in medical and theological fields, will discuss the connection between religious traditions and current questions in bioethics.

The panel will feature scholars who work at the intersections of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and bioethics: Laurie Zoloth of Northwestern University, Aasim Padela of the University of Chicago, and Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law at Duke Divinity School. Farr Curlin, co-director of the Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative at Duke Divinity School, will moderate.

The goal of the event is to address the connections between religious traditions and matters of health and suffering. While bioethical questions often concern actions taken in secular institutions and public policy, these issues have a long and rich history within Abrahamic religious traditions. This panel is devoted to exploring the intellectual, moral, and spiritual insights these religious traditions have for questions in bioethics today.

This event is free and open to the public. More information »

This event is co-sponsored by the Forum for Scholars and Publics, the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, the Duke Center for Jewish Studies, the Duke Islamic Studies Center, Duke Divinity School's Initiative in Theology, Medicine, and Culture, the Duke University Chapel, and the Barney Jones Endowment of the Department of Religious Studies at Duke University.