American Religion: Contemporary Trends (Second Edition)

Mark Chaves
Princeton University Press
Published Year: 
Cover of second edition of Mark Chaves' book titled American Religion: Contemporary Trends

Princeton University Press has published the second edition of a book by Duke University Professor Mark Chaves about key developments in American religion since 1972, including information showing that religiosity is declining in America.

The second edition of American Religion: Contemporary Trends contains updated data and a new preface by Chaves, professor of sociology, religious studies, and divinity at the university who holds a joint appointment with Duke Divinity School, the Sociology Department, and the Religious Studies Department.

First published in 2011, the award-winning book examines trends in diversity, belief, involvement, congregational life, leadership, liberal Protestant decline, and polarization. Chaves draws on two major surveys: the General Social Survey, an ongoing survey of Americans' changing attitudes and behaviors, begun in 1972; and the National Congregations Study, an ongoing survey of American religious congregations across the religious spectrum begun in 1998.

Chaves looks at why the decline in liberal Protestant denominations has been accompanied by the spread of liberal Protestant attitudes about religious and social tolerance, how confidence in religious institutions has declined more than confidence in secular institutions, and a host of other crucial trends.