The program supplements theological education with perspectives on Hispanic ministry.

Book by Professor Willie Jennings on Christianity’s contributions to racism wins honor.

The fellowship, which aims to equip Christians to faithfully engage their vocations in health care, will offer students tuition grants of at least 50 percent for the first year of study.

Wright gave a public lecture and participated in a faculty panel discussion on Pauline theology.

Dean Richard Hays writes a new book on New Testament writers incorporating the Old Testament into their gospels.

Churches in clergy indebtedness project raise funds for students.

Renowned philosopher Charles Taylor will be interviewed by Professor Luke Bretherton on Nov. 18 for “The Sacredness of the Secular and the Secularity of the Sacred: Re-imagining the Role of Religions in Public Life.”

Professor Richard Lischer’s new book explores the parables of Jesus. 

Guite's month-long stay concluded with a lecture on Samuel T. Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner."

Grant from The Duke Endowment to fund programs that support Hispanic/Latino ministry.