David Wilcox Draws a Crowd

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Dean’s Songwriter Series enjoys energetic second installment
Thursday, October 3, 2013

On Sept. 18, an audience from Duke Divinity School, local churches, and others in the community gathered to hear folk singer-songwriter David Wilcox give an evening performance in the Alumni Memorial Common Room. During the event, Wilcox shared his music and the many stories that accompanied them, and composed interludes in which he addressed topics including social justice, healing, and the nature and aim of theological inquiry.
Wilcox kept the audience in constant laughter—partly through his own wild and surprising laugh—as he welcomed his listeners into his own struggles and joys. He allowed the audience to guide his performance, and even his songwriting process, at one point inviting an audience member to request a new song from him on the spot. After a minute or two of hushed instrumental “listening,” Wilcox spontaneously composed a reflective and lovely piece dedicated to the audience member’s sister.
As part of the Dean's Songwriter Series, the peformance was part of a series showcasing the congruence between folk music and theological reflection and the need for continued and deepening interlocution with singer-songwriters and their important work putting human stories to music.