Baptist House Retreat Strengthens Bonds of Mentorship

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 2013 Baptist House retreat Feb. 8-9 at the Divinity School was a time of fun, food, and fellowship that strengthened the bonds of mentorship between Duke Divinity School Baptists as well as the community that supports the Baptist House.

Ebony Grisom, M.Div ’13, adds her mark to a 25th Anniversary commemorative painting during the Feb. 9 worship service.Attended by students and led by alumni, the retreat included worship, a hike in Duke Forest, campfires, and other opportunities for fellowship. First-year students reflected on their transition into the second semester as second- and third-year students shared advice about how to navigate the upcoming semester. It was a chance for honest reflection and guidance, core strengths of the Baptist House community. 

The Saturday portion of the retreat included two workshops on mentorship in the church. Rev. Randy Carter, Th.M. ’01, encouraged students to surround themselves with people who guide them in living the Christian life and to keep previous mentors in mind while continuing to develop relationships with new mentors as they move forward in ministry. In the second workshop, Rev. Kiki Barnes, M.Div. ’12, encouraged students to be mindful of those who, like Elizabeth did for Mary, acknowledge and affirm the “divine spark within us.”  Both workshops affirmed the necessity to both have and serve as mentors in wisdom and experience for the journey in the Christian experience. 

The retreat culminated in a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Baptist House. The Goodson Chapel service of worship, thanksgiving, and communion gave students, faculty, and board members the opportunity to honor the legacy and accomplishment of the Baptist House and looked brightly towards the future.