“Seek the shalom of the city I’ve brought you to”
Jeremiah 29:7

The Ormond Center, an initiative at Duke Divinity School, seeks to equip congregations and their communities to work together for the thriving of all. The Ormond Center does this by working across the Divinity School and Duke University more broadly to catalyze innovative leadership that revitalizes the church and fosters thriving communities.

Ormond Center Leadership & Staff

Sample of Current Projects

  • Clergy Health Initiative Field Guide
    • Produce a comprehensive field guide that maps the trends and frontiers of practice for the national clergy health movement
  • Mapping NC Faith Communities
    • Map the congregational landscape of North Carolina, across denominations and regions
  • Community Craft
    • Build a curriculum that enables institutional leaders to craft more effective and holistic civic responses to the needs and opportunities of their neighborhoods
  • Enterprise Solutions to Poverty Field Guide
    • Research, publish, and promote the first-ever survey of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty that will map trends across the field social entrepreneurship, highlight leading approaches and models, and identify pressing gaps and obstacles to enterprise-based solutions

Connect with the Ormond Center

Contact us at ormond@duke.edu.