DITA is committed to its teaching mission at Duke Divinity School. The initiative has sponsored courses and lectures by visiting scholars and a postdoctoral fellow, on subjects ranging from early Christian visual art to the fiction of Flannery O’Connor to contemporary film to the music of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

Courses in Theology and the Arts

DITA has established a number of courses in theology and the arts at Duke Divinity School, including:

M.Div./M.T.S. Course – Introduction to Theology and the Arts

Postdoctoral associate Daniel Train teaches this introduction to the ways in which theology can enrich and be enriched by the arts. 

Introduction to Theology and the Arts syllabus (pdf)

M.Div./M.T.S. Course – Theology and Music

Jeremy Begbie teaches this course, which aims to examine some of the way Christians have thought theologically about music, and the ways in which music might inform theology.

Theology and Music syllabus (pdf)

M.Div./M.T.S. Course – Beauty, Suffering and the Cross

Postdoctoral associate Daniel Train will be co-teaching this new course with Dr. Ray Barfield. This is an exciting new interdisciplinary initiative.

Beauty, Suffering, and the Cross syllabus (pdf) 

M.Div./MTS Course - The Passion Narratives: Exegesis, Theology, and the Arts

This course aims to explore the ways in which the four passion narratives can be engaged through contemporary exegesis, church tradition, and diverse art forms, toward fostering scriptural imagination.

The Passion Narratives syllabus (pdf)