Since 2007, the Clergy Health Initiative has been gathering valuable data on the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being issues specific to United Methodist clergy in North Carolina. Our mission is simple but important: we're here to support you and those who have your back, so you can do God's work with energy, creativity, and insight. Our research-based recommendations are designed to help pastors like you maximize your health, so you can thrive in your ministry and in life - because we know that when you're at your best, amazing things can happen. 

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Resources for Clergy

Our data-informed strategies are designed just for you. Our resources aim to increase your resilience, protect against burnout, and free up energy to do God's work with a renewed sense of creativity and insight. We're here to help you thrive as you engage in God’s work with your full heart and soul.

Intervention Studies

We understand the unique challenges you face in your ministry, and that's why our research focuses on providing practical solutions and insights. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to prioritize your health and flourish in your calling.

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Pastor Stories

Delve into inspiring, relatable stories from pastors like you who've discovered the power of nurturing their health and well-being. Armed with strategies and support from CHI, they've learned to stay grounded and connected - even when life gets intense. 

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