Vision & Theology

The Duke Youth Academy is guided by the following core convictions:

  • Christian baptism is both the means of entry into the church and the well-spring for the life-long journey in Christ’s body.
  • Overinvesting in the young will prompt the renewal of the church.
  • The spiritual formation of young people today is informed and shaped by the formation of Christians throughout the history of the Church.  Young people today hunger for worship, sacrament, serious study of scripture and theology, prayer, accountability, service with the poor and suffering, giving and receiving hospitality, self-denial, and spiritual care.
  • Congregational ministry and the family home are the primary communities of spiritual formation. DYA seeks to facilitate a transformation of youth participation in these communities by walking alongside them in practicing the Christian faith.

DYA seeks to empower young people to embody faithful life and worship in the midst of their everyday life, in their homes, schools, and congregations.