The mission of the Hispanic House of Studies is to assist the North Carolina and Western North Carolina Annual Conferences and Duke Divinity School in supporting and strengthening ministries to and with Hispanics and Latinos in North Carolina.

To embrace the fastest growing population in North Carolina, the North Carolina and Western North Carolina Conferences of the United Methodist Church need trained, able persons to minister in Hispanic/Latino programs. Thus the Divinity School has joined The Duke Endowment and these conferences in the formation of leaders for Hispanic/Latino ministry. The Hispanic House of Studies, part of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, serves as a resource center for these ministries.


  • Apply for Caminantes for Students

    The program meets every week for spiritual formation from a Hispanic Methodist perspective. Apply now for the opportunity to hone your skills for ministry among Latinos.

  • Hispanic House of Studies Info Session

    Learn how the Hispanic House of Studies serves as a resource for students who seek to serve  Hispanic and Latino communities at a Aug. 27 meeting.

  • New Hispanic/Latino Initiative

    Discípulos Haciendo Discípulos is a partnership between HHS, The Duke Endowment, and the North Carolina Conference to build the church through the establishment of missional communities in the Triangle area.