Charles Wesley’s Published Verse

Scholarly study of Charles Wesley has been hampered by the absence of a reliable and accessible standard source for his published verse. The original works published during his lifetime are quite rare, scattered among research libraries. The 13-volume collection of The Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley by George Osborn (1868–72) is more broadly spread; however, several features of the Osborn collection restrict its adequacy as a standard source.

The present online collection of the poetical works of John and Charles Wesley is intended to provide the standard for scholarly study and citation that has been needed. It was developed under a set of guidelines to maximize reliability and usefulness.

This subsection of the collection gathers the nearly 4,400 distinct poems and hymns published during Charles Wesley’s life that scholarly consensus traces to his pen.

The items included are organized in chronological order of their initial publication. Secondary collections in which Charles gathered poems which appeared first elsewhere are placed at the end. The text is available in two forms:

  1. retaining the original spelling and contractions
  2. with modern spelling and contractions

A list of the short titles and abbreviations for Wesley publications that are used throughout this collection.

The texts are in a (pdf) format that is searchable using Adobe Reader 7.0 and above.

Download a zipped file containing a complete set of the original transcripts of these hymns (.zip file).

Primary Sources in Chronological Order

1739 Hymns and Sacred Poems (1739) – CW Verse [original] [modern]
  “Universal Redemption” (1739) [original] [modern]
1740 Means of Grace (1740) [original] [modern]
  Life of Faith (1740) [original] [modern]
  Hymns and Sacred Poems (1740) [original] [modern]
1741 Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1741) – CW Verse [original] [modern]
  Hymns on God’s Everlasting Love (1741) [original] [modern]
  “Promise of Sanctification” (1741) [original] [modern]
1742 Hymns on God’s Everlasting Love, 2nd series (1742) [original] [modern]
  Hymns and Sacred Poems (1742) [original] [modern]
  Whole Armour of God (1742) [original] [modern]
  Taking of Jericho (1742) [original] [modern]
  Elegy on Robert Jones (1742) [original] [modern]
  Fourteenth Chapter of Isaiah (1742) [original] [modern]
  Thanksgiving for Colliers (1742) [original] [modern]
  Hymn for Condemned Prisoners (1742) [original] [modern]
1743 CPH (1743) – CW Psalms [original] [modern]
  “Prayer for Those Convinced of Sin” (1743) [original] [modern]
  “Primitive Christianity” (1743) [original] [modern]
  Hymn for Christmas Day (1743) [original] [modern]
1744 Moral and Sacred Poems, 3:206ff (1744) [original] [modern]
  Hymns for Times of Trouble (1744) [original] [modern]
  Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution (1744) [original] [modern]
  “Bloody Issue” (1744) [original] [modern]
  Hymns for Christmas Day (1744) [original] [modern]
1745 “Act of Devotion” (1745) [original] [modern]
  Hymns on the Lord’s Supper (1745) [original] [modern]
  Hymns in Difference with Moravians (1745) [original] [modern]
  Hymns from Jeremiah (1745) [original] [modern]
  Hymns in Word in Season (1745) [original] [modern]
  Nativity Hymns (1745) [original] [modern]
  Hymns in Word to a Protestant (1745) [original] [modern]
  “Hymns for 1745” [original] [modern]
1746 Funeral Hymns (1746) [original] [modern]
  Resurrection Hymns (1746) [original] [modern]
  Ascension Hymns (1746) [original] [modern]
  Whitsunday Hymns (1746) [original] [modern]
  Festival Hymns (1746) [original] [modern]
  Thanksgiving Hymns (1746) [original] [modern]
  Gloria Patri (1746) [original] [modern]
  Graces (1746) [original] [modern]
1747 Hymn at the Sacrament (1747) [original] [modern]
  “Person Bearing Testimony” (1747) [original] [modern]
  Redemption Hymns (1747) [original] [modern]
1749 Hymns and Sacred Poems (1749), Vol. 1 [original] [modern]
  Hymns and Sacred Poems (1749), Vol. 2 [original] [modern]
  New Year’s Hymns (1749) [original] [modern]
1750 Earthquake Hymns, Pt. I (1750) [original] [modern]
  Earthquake Hymns, Pt. II (1750) [original] [modern]
  “Death of Thomas Hogg” (1750) [original] [modern]
1755 Epistle to the Rev. John Wesley (1755) [original] [modern]
  “Catholic Love” (1755) [original] [modern]
1756 “Hymn on the Lisbon Earthquake” (1756) [original] [modern]
  Hymns for the Year 1756 [original] [modern]
  Additional “Hymns for 1756” [original] [modern]
1758 Intercession Hymns (1758) [original] [modern]
1759 Intercession Hymns (1759) [original] [modern]
  Funeral Hymns (1759) [original] [modern]
  Invasion Hymns (1759) [original] [modern]
  “Hymn for the People of Custrin” (1759)  [original] [modern]
  Thanksgiving Hymns (1759) [original] [modern]
1760 “Hymns for the Methodist Preachers” (1760) [original] [modern]
1762 Scripture Hymns (1762), Vol. 1 [original] [modern]
  Scripture Hymns (1762), Vol. 2 [original] [modern]
1763 Hymns for Children (1763) [original] [modern]
1767 Family Hymns (1767) [original] [modern]
  Trinity Hymns (1767) [original] [modern]
1770 “Hymn for Mary Langson” (1770) [original] [modern]
  “Hymn for Whitefield” (1770) [original] [modern]
1771 Elegy on Whitefield (1771)  [original] [modern]
  Epistle to Whitefield (1771)  [original] [modern]
1772 Preparation for Death (1772) [original] [modern]
1778 Arminian Magazine (1778–87) [original] [modern]
1779 Ode on Dr. Boyce (1779) [original] [modern]
  Hymn for John Wesley (1779) [original] [modern]
1780 Tumult Hymns (1780) [original] [modern]
1781 Protestant Association (1781) [original] [modern]
  Hymns for the Nation (1781) [original] [modern]
1782 Hymns for the National Fast (1782) [original] [modern]
1785 Prayers for Condemned Malefactors (1785) [original] [modern]

Secondary Collections (likely) gathered by Charles Wesley

1747 Hymns and Sacred Poems (1747) [original] [modern]
1750 Watchnight Hymns (1750) [original] [modern]
1754 Answer to Gill (1754) [original] [modern]
1761 All in All (1761) [original] [modern]