The Anglican Episcopal House of Studies (AEHS) at Duke Divinity School is a full Anglican seminary program, providing three-year accredited training for Episcopal and Anglican dioceses and offering Anglican formation for other master's and doctoral students. We are a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to preparing students for numerous vocations in the church and the world.

AEHS seeks to nurture and form the next generation of leaders in and for the church, equipping them to become so steeped in the classic tradition that they will be faithful, flexible, and imaginative as they apply it, even in confusing and turbulent times. Students are nourished and stretched in many dimensions—academic rigor, ecclesial confession, radical service, and personal holiness—reflecting our Lord’s commandment to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

AEHS Programming

The Divinity School offers academic courses in varying disciplines relating to Anglican theology and practice. In partnership with the Field Education office, AEHS fosters field education opportunities in relevant parish, social, and clinical locations and encourages reflection on the experience. Thanks to the relative intimacy of AEHS (approximately 50 students), house events are often informal and always relational. AEHS oversees spiritual formation through both individual and corporate commitments, with the aim of integrating the personal and professional, the academic and practical, the devotional and ecclesial.

Along with a commitment to Prayer Book Worship, these three elements of AEHS programming—academic, experiential, and formational—form the core requirements of the Certificate in Anglican Studies. For those students who are pursuing ordination, these elements have proved ample for equipping students for the General Ordination Examination and for ordained ministry. Read more on ordination.

Field Education

AEHS enjoys warm relationships with many local Anglican/Episcopal parishes as well as several congregations elsewhere in the United States, where students may serve as field education interns. Students also have the opportunity for clinical pastoral education (CPE) as well as further specialization in the area of theology and medicine through Duke University Hospital and several other local healthcare providers. Additionally, Duke University offers an opportunity to focus on educational chaplaincy through the work of Duke Chapel, the Episcopal Center at Duke University, and many other religious life organizations. M.Div. students are required to undertake two field education placements.  For those who are also pursuing the Certificate in Anglican Studies, at least one placement must be in an Episcopal or other Anglican setting. American students are urged to take advantage of field education opportunities in other provinces of the Anglican Communion; Duke Divinity School offers a wealth of international links including  opportunities with Durham University (U.K.) and a seminary in South Sudan/northern Uganda.

AEHS collaborates with the Field Education office to tailor these placement opportunities to student interests and requirements. 

Anglican Spiritual Formation

Anglican Spiritual Formation (ASF) is a program offered through the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies. It encompasses a Rule of Life for students individually and for the community as a whole. The aim is Christian ministerial formation: to help one another develop the skills, habits, character, and collegiality that will foster growth in the Christian faith and underpin a lifetime of ministry and service (ordained or lay) within an Anglican/Episcopal setting. This begins with a daily commitment to Anglican worship, and it also assumes a parish involvement beyond Duke Divinity School as well as routine participation in the services and seminars of AEHS. Most ASF gatherings will be open to those not formally registered in the program.

Classes Offered in Anglican Studies

The Divinity School has offered the following classes in Anglican Studies:

  • Selected Modern Anglican Texts
  • Episcopal Polity & Global Communion
  • The Role and Function of Music in the Liturgy
  • Anglican Social Ethics
  • Anglican Spiritual Theology
  • History of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, 1700-present
  • English Reformation History
  • Anglican Doctrine
  • Readings in Rowan Williams
  • John Henry Newman: Life & Thought
  • The 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the Principles of Anglican Worship
  • Preaching and the Church Year
Faculty & Staff