Senior Pastor
Shady Hill Missionary Baptist Church

The Pastor shall be Biblically qualified according to First Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1: 5-9. General Responsibilities

  • Serve as a spiritual leader and chief administrator of the church
  • Manage the planning and conduct of worship including administering the sacraments
  • Supervise the work of church administrative staff
  • Faithfully participate in local, state and national work of the denomination

Gifts and Skills

  • Clear evidence of a personal relationship with God.
  • Conviction in the Word of God and its truth and power.
  • Educational and ordination requirements have been or will be met
  • Financial prudence and savvy in the management of church resources and expenses
  • Leadership and care for his family and congregation with Christ-like love and grace
  • A heart for leading the congregation to a fuller knowledge of Christ
  • Desire and vision to increase the local, state, national and international influence of the church


Theological Leadership

  • Knows the Bible thoroughly through seminary training
  • Understands current theological issues
  • Understands church history and its relevance today

Preaching and Worship Leadership

  • Labors to discern the meaning of Biblical texts
  • Preaches with authority, conviction and clarity the meaning of scriptures and its relevance to the people
  • Understands and explains current events as they relate to Christian living Pastoral and Ministerial Leadership
  • Leads by example in prayer, Biblical study, evangelism and service to others
  • Oversees, teaches and trains church officers and other leaders
  • Counsels members on all manners of Christian Living
  • Presides over baptisms, weddings and funerals for members


Visionary Leadership

  • Leads the church boldly with a vision for the future while remaining faithful to Biblical truth
  • Expands the reach of the church to underserved populations in the community
  • Creates new programs and initiatives to encourage interest in the church from the community at large

Education Backfiround

  • Advanced degrees preferred from accredited schools of higher education
  • Seminary training from accredited institution is important
  • Copy of diplomas and transcripts beyond high school required

Family Structure

  • Biblical guidelines on meaning of the family
  • Views on contemporary family in today's society

Personal Matters

  • Court mediated issues excluding misdemeanors
  • Financial security without internal revenue service intervention
  • Views on money management for home and church
  • Credit worthy per FICO Score

Health Factors

  • Known health conditions that may impede pastoral duties
  • Positive physiological, psychological, and sociological traits

Employment History

  • Record of consistent work per employers or evidence of self-employment
  • Reasons for job changes, if applicable
  • References to support secular and sacred work

Church Work Experience

  • Leadership positions in religious organizations
  • Work related to the two church offices according to the bible
  • Duration spent on church work and assignments

Salary Requirements

  • Salary and benefits negotiable and commensurate with education and experience Deadline
  • The deadline for submission is Thursday, October 31, 2019.


Posting Dates: 
09/10/2019 to 10/31/2019
Job Type: 
Full time
Job Category: 
Church, Ministry
Contact Name: 
Search Committee
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