Senior Individual Gift Officer
The Riverside Church
Organizational Summary The Riverside Church in the City of New York commits itself to welcoming all persons, celebrating the diversity found in a Congregation broadly inclusive of persons from different backgrounds of characteristics, including race, economic class, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, family status and physical and mental abilities. Members are called to an individual and collective quality of life that leads to personal, spiritual and social transformation, witnessing to God’s saving purposes for all creation. Therefore, the Church pledges itself to education, reflection, and action for peace and justice. In addition to being home to a vibrant and involved worshipping community, Riverside hosts a robust palette of social services, including but not limited to a food pantry, homeless shelter, pre-school, and after-care services for returning citizens. Riverside has a dynamic organizational structure of more than 100 employees, and its revenue portfolio includes an endowment, 501(c)(3) partners, commercial rentals, charitable donations, grants, and strategic partnerships. Job Summary Working closely with the Director of Stewardship and Development, the Senior Individual Gifts Officer (SIGO) will focus primarily on: • Implementation of the church’s Annual Giving campaign, which is comprised of seasonal appeals based on the calendar year and liturgical year, to include creation of themes, collateral, and gifts table • Grant acquisition in support of the Riverside Community Services Corporation The resultant gifts will provide support for The Riverside Church’s programs and ministries, in the areas of worship, education, parish care, social justice, and social services. The ideal candidate for this role is more than a fundraiser; the ideal candidate is a brilliant strategist who loves interacting with people, enjoys thinking critically and inter-disciplinarily about campaign development in fast-paced, difficult environments where the expectation of consistently excellent work product is very high, and who is driven by a commitment to social justice and professional growth. The SIGO will be the creative and on-the-ground lead for developing all aspects of the organization’s annual giving campaign, which is the church’s third largest source of revenue. This will require working very closely with members of The Riverside Church, maintaining an uncanny level of familiarity with the history, character, demography, and affinity of the congregation through study and observation. The elements of the annual giving campaign, then, will be developed and implemented in accordance with said information about the congregation, ensuring a compelling campaign that meets all pre-determined revenue targets. The SIGO will also lead the development of a relatively small grants portfolio for the Riverside Community Services Corporation, identifying like-minded grant-giving institutions and developing fruitful relationships. Finally, the SIGO will also serve as a trusted advisor to the Director of Stewardship and Development on all matters related to the department’s strategy and process, and will, as needed, actively support the breadth of The Riverside Church’s strategic fundraising, including major gifts, planned giving, special events, and the development of faith based stewardship education curriculum. In addition to being an excellent development professional, the SIGO will be creative/artistic and an excellent speaker and writer who can persuasively articulate and advocate for the church’s mission and commitment to financial sustainability and the value of investing financially in The Riverside Church. The high-performing Stewardship and Development team is comprised of three full-time professionals and one to three part-time professionals. Essential Job Responsibilities • Brainstorm and implement all aspects of the church’s annual giving campaign, including themes, collateral, donor cultivation, gifts table development, and special events especially at launch, holidays, and year end; annual giving campaign is comprised of at least four seasonal appeals, based on calendar year and liturgical year, and targets donors who annually give $500-$20,000 • At minimum, increase sustained revenue of aforementioned campaign from its current intake of $2.1 million to $2.6 million within one year and $3.1 million within two years • Work closely with clergy and senior staff, especially the Director of Stewardship and Development, Senior Minister, Minister of Worship and the Arts, Directors of Communications, Minister of Education, Director of Youth and Young Adults, and Director of Children and Families, to ensure all campaign components are seamlessly integrated within the life of the church • Using Raiser’s Edge and Research Point, develop gifts table that accounts for the current giving trends and wealth capacity of church membership • Develop hardcopy and electronic collateral for appeals that is innovative, modern, and interactive • Use creative mediums throughout the life of the organization to showcase the impact of donations, as part of campaign strategy • Report progress of campaign, using complex metrics, to Director of Stewardship and Development and senior leadership daily, weekly, and monthly • Use focus groups, case studies, and cross-industry studies in marketing, communications, and people-engagement to continuously improve components and process of annual giving campaign • Manage acknowledgment of individual donor gifts and arrangements for recognition, as appropriate • Develop dashboards and identify key indicators that allow for regular and sophisticated review of campaign’s progress and projections • Input campaign progress and individual donor engagement within Raiser’s Edge • Create grant portfolio for the Riverside Community Services Corporation and develop relationships with like-minded grant-giving institutions through meetings and targeted engagement • Complete grant applications such that the total of anticipated awards equals predetermined revenue goal • Work closely with program leads within organization to determine those programs best fit for grant pursual/sponsorship • In concert with Director of Stewardship and Development, track and complete all associated reporting related to awarded grants • Work closely with the Stewardship Committee, a committee of lay leaders that supports the work of the department Position Qualifications • A Bachelor's degree is required; an advanced degree is preferred • Minimum of two years of successful fundraising experience and a quantifiable track record of creating campaigns (not necessarily fundraising campaigns) • Experience working within a religious institution is preferred, but not required • Comfort and proficiency using personal computers, tablets, and software programs for retrieving, organizing, researching, and presenting appropriate donor/prospect information; proficiency with MS Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint • Fluency in the use of Raiser’s Edge or similar database, with high-level fluency in creating complex queries and exports • Fluency in use of Research Point • Experience creating professional presentations, reports, and dashboards; experience using Adobe Creative Suite is ideal • Proven experience creating and maintaining new programs • Proven ability to work closely with and manage the fundraising activities of colleagues who are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of development; interest in communicating with diverse groups of people and translating the work of development into creative, compelling, accessible terms • Excellent interpersonal skills, both written and verbal, as well as a high level of sophistication and maturity in social and professional settings • A general level of comfort when dealing with diverse donors, and an ability to maintain discretion and high level of confidentiality when dealing with benefactors; the importance of these qualities cannot be overstated • High-level of curiosity and analytical thinking, global perspective, and complex problem solving skills • Ability to organize, prioritize and complete multiple projects simultaneously with close attention to detail and deadlines Please forward your cover letter and resume to kcook@trcnyc.org. Please put ‘Individual Gifts’ in the subject line.
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05/13/2019 to 05/31/2019
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Full time
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New York
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Kaitlin Cook
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