University Baptist Church

Job Description The pastor is responsible to the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach biblical revelation, to engage in pastoral care ministries, and to provide leadership in church life. The pastor shall work with deacons, councils, and committees in planning, conducting, and evaluating the ministries of University Baptist Church in accordance with the church’s Vision. Responsibilities Related to Ministry 1. The pastor will perform ministerial duties including: - Guiding the staff in planning and conducting worship services. - Preparing and preaching sermons and leading the congregation in observance of the ordinances of the church (Communion and baptismal services). - Leading the church in an effective program of witnessing. - Leading the church in a caring ministry to the church and community. - Visiting members and prospects. - Conducting counseling sessions for members and assisting members in obtaining professional help. - Performing wedding ceremonies and funeral services. - Cooperating with denominational and inter-denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern. - Keeping the church informed of denominational developments. - Representing the church in community affairs. 2. The pastor will serve as advisor to the deacons and lead them in their role as servants of the church. S/He will guide them in: - Serving with the staff in performing pastoral ministries. - Proclaiming the gospel. - Caring for church members and other persons in the community. - Leading the church to engage in fellowship of worship, witness, education and ministry. 3. The pastor will serve as an advisor to all committees and will assist in planning and evaluating the ministries of the church. 4. The pastor will perform other duties in keeping with the Vision of the church and the needs of the congregation. Responsibilities Related to Administration 1. The pastor will serve as advisor to the deacons and will guide them in administering the business and financial affairs of the church. 2. The pastor will serve as a resource person regarding legal and business matters of the church. 3. The pastor will work with the church treasurer and finance committee in establishing and operating an annual budget for the church. 4. The pastor will supervise all church staff.

Salary Range: $75,000 to $93,000 annual compensation package plus $5,000 in reimbursable expenses

Posting Dates: 
06/23/2022 to 08/15/2022
Job Type: 
Full time
Job Categories: 
Church Ministry
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Sherry Laughlin
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