Minister of Family Life
Blacksburg Baptist Church

I am Tommy McDearis, Senior Pastor of Blacksburg Baptist Church, Blacksburg, VA. We are searching for a Minister of Family Life. The position would encompass all aspects of family ministry, including outreach to young families, single parents, teen parents, children’s ministry, family enrichment, parenting, divorce prevention and divorce care, etc. This minister would supervise at least one, and usually two, ministry interns. There would be opportunities to preach if this minister so desires. Blacksburg Baptist Church is a large, diverse church that sits directly across from Virginia Tech, Virginia’s largest research university. As a result, we have a strong student outreach. Ours is a progressive congregation, affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Baptist General Association of Virginia, and the Baptist World Alliance. We welcome and affirm all people. Jesus Christ is the criterion for interpreting all scripture and guiding all relationships at BBC. Our church is racially and ethnically diverse, and all our ministry positions are open to all races and genders. We have a large and involved missions ministry, with a local emphasis on ministry to the less fortunate. BBC is growth oriented, seeking to reach newcomers and church dropouts. We also work diligently to make new disciples, and we try to grow all disciples toward a deeper and more authentic commitment to Christ. Our church has a stronger evangelistic outreach than some progressive churches. We take both the Great Commission and the Great Commandment literally and seriously. We do not engage in judgmental ministries. Jesus was a man of love and compassion, and we seek to be true Christ-followers. As such, our evangelistic outreach is relational in style, built totally on personal relationships. We largely use the model developed by the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Kansas City, led by Adam Hamilton. All positions in the church are open to female leadership. Our current deacon chair is female. We have five full-time positions (including this position), and five ministry interns. Our budget is approximately $1.2 million dollars. Our staff has a history of longevity. I have served as senior pastor for twenty years. Our associate pastor has been with us ten years. Our music and worship minister has served for fifteen years. Our previous family minister served twelve years. Our previous student minister served seven years. Our church has had three pastors in 61 years, and three associate pastors in 40 years. As one can see, we are largely a very stable church. Likewise, I can honestly say that BBC is the friendliest church I have ever served, and it is the most welcoming of people from all walks of life of any church I have served. While largely well educated and professional in demographics, it is the only church I have served where friendships cut across socio-economic lines. Honestly, there is a good reason I have served here for over twenty years! Our church is high on creativity and new ideas. No one gets in trouble at BBC for trying new things, even if they fail. This church is fine trying most any new idea. When you get in trouble at BBC is when you refuse to try. This is not a church for uninspired, unimaginative leaders. We have three English language services each Sunday, with a Korean service that follows the three. Our Chinese fellowship meets on Friday evenings. Any candidate must be a team player. We work together to make the church function as well as possible. Every opinion is valued. We are open to any candidate being in touch with previous ministers. All candidates must be willing to love and care about all people who enter the church. If a candidate has their fingers crossed behind their backs when saying this, we are probably not the right match for them. Interested individuals should send information to: Blacksburg Baptist Church 550 North Main Street Blacksburg, VA 24060 pastor@blacksburgbaptist.org bbc@blacksburgbaptist.org www.blacksburgbaptist.org 540-552-3869 (church) 540-449-9011 (pastor’s cell - Tommy R. McDearis) 540-553-4460 (associate pastor’s cell - Todd Millsaps) Emailed information should be sent to both the pastor and bbc@blacksburgbaptist.org

Posting Dates: 
01/02/2018 to 03/31/2018
Job Type: 
Full time
Job Category: 
Church, Ministry
Contact Name: 
Rev. Tommy McDearis
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