Lead Pastor
Boulevard Baptist Church
Lead Pastor Ministry Description The Pastor is a minister to the entire congregation and is responsible for the general oversight of the work of the membership of the church, including the ministerial staff, and the motivating of the membership to fulfill its function in worship, proclamation, education and ministry. This will be accomplished through the following specific functions: 1. Minister to the members of the church, especially in crisis situations. This can be accomplished through sermons, counseling, expressions of concern through visits to the members and prospective members, hospital visitations and in reflecting, in demeanor, the love and concern of God. 2. Lead the worship of the church. Plan the worship services with the known needs of the membership in mind. Work with other ministerial staff in planning the worship services so that each part of the service will be in harmony with all other parts of the end that God will be praised. 3. Preach to the membership. Strive to develop a balanced pulpit ministry through the Sunday morning service and the mid-week prayer service, recognizing individuals’ worship needs, crisis experiences, denominational emphases and the primacy of evangelism. 4. Provide leadership for the programs of the church in accordance with, and subject to, the Personnel Committee and its policy. (A) Serve as Chairperson of the Church Council in planning the church program; (B) Support and coordinate the work of the ministerial staff through regular staff meetings: (C) Relate the church program and membership to both the state and national Cooperative Baptist Fellowship organizations and other groups that help BBC live out her mission; (D) Meet with and give guidance and assistance to all assigned church committees. 5. Motivate the membership. Encourage spiritual formation among the members of the church, and, with appropriate minister(s), promote Sunday School and other programs and activities which nurture spiritual formation. Lead the membership to be “The Body of Christ,” guiding individuals to fulfill the functions of the church and educate and inspire the membership to an awareness of their spiritual, ethical, moral and social responsibilities. 6. Serve as Chief Administrator of the church, being directly responsible to the church, leading the ministerial staff in carrying out the activities, programs, and ministries agreed upon by the church. Assume responsibility for the work of all the ministers and church staff and direct the work of the ministerial and church staff as outlined by their respective job descriptions. 7. Lead other staff members in projecting the work and programs of the church, both short and long range, to accomplish the objectives of the church in worship, education, ministry and proclamation. 8. Work with the Stewardship Committee in promoting the annual stewardship emphasis of the congregation.
Posting Dates: 
02/13/2019 to 04/30/2019
Job Type: 
Full time
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Church, Ministry
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Joe Hillhouse, Chair Pastor Search Team
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