Lay Associate Minister / Worship Leader
Clearview UMC
Clearview United Methodist Church in St Petersburg, Florida is seeking a core member of our staff team, in a 30-hour-per-week role as Lay Associate/Program Staff, with potential for eventual expansion to full-time. As on any small-church staff, this individual will play an integral and diverse role in church leadership and will be invited to have significant influence on church culture, vision, and spiritual formation. Candidates should have a heart for small church ministry, a church growth mindset, and a desire to develop excellence in ministry for a congregational setting with limited resources. As our intention is to hire a best-fit person (rather than only to fill a slotted role), we invite people with an array of skillsets to apply. Recognized areas of interest, in no particular order: • worship leadership/direction (highest priority) • digital communications • youth ministry • children & family ministry • missional discipleship/off-campus discipleship innovation Starting compensation: commensurate with experience - 30 hours per week, $15-20/hour General Candidate Expectations The ideal candidate is a church ministry “generalist” ready to use their particular spectrum of skills to deepen, widen, and strengthen the ministries of Clearview. This candidate will bring familiarity with and commitment to missional forms of church (Christian community development, Fresh Expressions/ microchurches, etc.) and will place high value on equipping and empowering non-staff leaders. They bring both an eager focus and sense of holy urgency to their work. The ideal candidate should have strong people skills, confidence speaking about their faith, and theology consistent with the wider Wesleyan tradition. Being a “team player” is critical to this role. By necessity, Clearview’s pastor, staff, and key leaders work closely together to shape congregational culture and bring vision to life. Holistic “buy in” to the development and growth of the congregation, self-starting initiative, and consistent communication with respective leaders are non-negotiable. Personally, the candidate must be in continual pursuit of an authentic relationship with God, as understood and revealed in Scripture. This staffer will be expected to participate regularly in (at least) one space of personal Christian formation which they do not lead (e.g. a discipleship group, other church service), which can be through Clearview, facilitated by another church fellowship, or independently organized. Work Environment Lay Associate/Program Staff will serve in a high-trust, permission-giving environment where the core mission is shared, experimentation is valued, and failure is simply another opportunity to learn. We hope and expect that this work of church development is a labor of love for all staff. At the same time, we are deeply committed to a healthy staff culture where boundaries and life balance are encouraged and expected, open communication and feedback are the norm, and professional and spiritual growth are valued. Specific Job Descriptions **WORSHIP LEADER / DIRECTOR OF WORSHIP [highest priority need] We believe that worship is transformational, not merely confessional. Respect for and familiarity with traditional, liturgically-informed worship forms is strongly preferred, however, primary consideration will be given to those candidates who are “fluent” in modern, experiential worship. Proficiency in vocal performance along with (at least) one lead instrument is required. Responsibilities (approximately 15 hours) • Lead and promote a lifestyle of worship in the church and in the lives of those who attend • Select and, with team, lead songs for weekly services and special services/events (as applicable) - average of 4 songs per week - songs should center around theologically appropriate themes for the day and consistently incorporate emerging music • Schedule and coordinate worship team volunteers • Schedule and lead worship team rehearsals • Oversee the recruiting, auditioning, and equipping of musicians in the church to serve the congregation as a team with musical skill and humility • Commit to the development of the worship team volunteers both musically and spiritually • In consultation with Senior Pastor, make recommendations for equipment, resources, themes, videos, responsive readings, etc. as appropriate and/or lead these aspects of Sunday service to enhance congregational worship experience • Create (or delegate) weekly lyrics slides for PowerPoint DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS 
 The Communications Coordinator will oversee (at least) the maintenance of Clearview’s website and social media accounts, handling appropriate promotion of events and keeping sites active and up to date. The ideal candidate will love connecting with people online and helping them connect to Clearview and to God. Effective, grammatically excellent written and oral communication skills are required. • Create, execute, and supervise all digital marketing - including photos, graphics, event creation and other creative content through social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and website • Work with all areas of ministry to provide strategic communications • Develop effective social media strategy • Develop, lead, or advise on effective and congregationally-appropriate online ministry opportunities • Maintain and update website (after site redesign - OR - redesign and subsequently update, according to skillset) • Lead local and media promotions for October pumpkin patch Additional opportunities: • Create and manage text and email communications • Create church newsletter (web and print) The following ministry areas are open for expansion and creative (re)development by a catalytic leader. 2-3 volunteers currently available in each area. Bi-vocational candidates welcome to apply. General Ministry Area Descriptions YOUTH MINISTRY Catalytic leader with skill and interest in a restart / rebuild of youth ministry. Currently, ministry consists of a small, committed group of four middle & early-high-school aged boys meeting on Thursday evenings in a designated youth space. Looking for community-aware approach, sensitive to the unique needs and opportunities in the surrounding neighborhoods. We have a particular eye toward holistic growth in the five elements of successful youth ministry outlined by Youth Ministry Institute - Outreach, Community, Worship, Discipleship, and Mission. This is a “blue water” opportunity, where few, if any, similar ministries exist in the area. CHILDREN & FAMILY MINISTRY Catalytic leader with skill and interest in starting a children’s and family ministry. Currently, programming exists on Sunday morning during “kids’ connection” in newly-redecorated room with fewer than 5 regular attendees. Looking for community-aware approach, sensitive to the unique needs and opportunities in the surrounding neighborhoods. We are looking for an expansion of activities past Sunday morning for elementary-aged children and younger, and for their families. While intergenerational ministry would be an ultimate goal, creating any healthy programming past Sunday morning is the first objective. This is a “blue water” opportunity, where few, if any similar ministries exist in the area. MISSIONAL DISCIPLESHIP / OFF-CAMPUS DISCIPLESHIP INNOVATION Catalytic leader with skill and interest in missional discipleship (see movements such as Fresh Expressions, Underground Network, and christian community development and thought leaders such as Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost). Currently, relationships have been building in community for foundational level community involvement in the spirit of CCD, and lay leaders are open to the idea of small group discipleship in non-traditional places in the surrounding neighborhoods (restaurants, mobile home parks, etc.) We are hopeful for someone with a commitment to this vision of church who can both help trailblaze innovative opportunities for discipleship and connection and who can guide and equip emerging leaders. This is a core element of our overall church growth strategy. About Clearview UMC Clearview is a church in transition. A small congregation (70 average in worship, pre-COVID), we are mixed income, slanting toward the blue collar side, with a decidedly moderate approach to theological issues. The word most often used by those who visit Clearview and stay is “family.” The church itself straddles the dividing line between St. Pete’s oldest and largest neighborhood of Disston Heights and Lealman, one of the most historically neglected areas of unincorporated county land. For serious inquiries or to apply, contact clearviewumc.worship@gmail.com. If applying, please include cover letter/email, the ministry areas in which you are most interested and qualified, and your resume or CV.
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06/04/2020 to 07/15/2020
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Part time
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Church, Ministry
St. Petersburg
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