Church Business Administrator
Foundry United Methodist Church

Reports to: Senior Pastor
Status: Full Time Exempt

The Church Business Administrator is a vital member of the staff of Foundry
United Methodist Church, a large downtown Washington DC church whose
diverse, ecumenical congregation and tradition of leadership in the
community date to 1814. The Church Business Administrator shares
Foundry’s core values, among them a belief in Christ and His teachings, the
commandment to serve others and to act and speak for the powerless, a
compelling desire for diversity and full inclusion of all God’s children in the
life of the church, and the critical nature of curiosity and intellectual honesty
as we discern God’s path for us.

The Church Business Administrator is responsible for planning, organizing
and conducting the business functions of the church, including budgeting,
contracting, financial management, physical plant operations and
maintenance, grounds maintenance, property management and records
administration. The Church Business Administrator is the primary staff
liaison to the relevant committees of the church including the audit, facilities
and operations, finance, mission possible (capital campaign), personnel and
stewardship committees. In carrying out these responsibilities, he or she
supervises a subordinate staff and, as necessary, oversees contractor

Essential Functions
1. Manages an Operations Staff Team, establishing clear directions and
priorities. Orients, trains, develops, and monitors the performance of
subordinate personnel, ensuring both the quality of the work, the
meeting of established deadlines, and the provision of training and
equipment necessary for full performance.

2. Maintains familiarity with relevant manuals and procedures, including
Foundry’s finance and personnel manuals, the safe sanctuary policy,
conference and denominational handbooks, procedures and other
instructions. Provides for the updating of Foundry’s finance and
personnel manuals and procedures, initiating appropriate changes
when required by changes in state, federal or church law or in
response to changes initiated by the relevant Foundry committees.

3. Oversees Foundry’s financial operations, including but not limited to
accounting operations, generation of financial statements, facilitating
the annual audit process, meeting internal reporting requirements,
conducting accounts reconciliation, and ensuring timely and accurate
payroll processing.

4. Supports annual budget development and execution, including timely
and accurate reporting to the Senior Pastor, relevant committees and,
as appropriate, financial contributors.

5. In cooperation with the Facilities and Operations Committee, plans for
the maintenance and improvement of Foundry Church facilities,
ensuring that both functionally and esthetically Foundry’s physical
plant fully supports the church’s mission and strategic vision. Utilizing
subordinate and contractor personnel oversees the maintenance and
upkeep of Foundry’s buildings and grounds; develops and follows a
schedule for preventive maintenance and proposes budgets for
anticipated expenditures.

6. Provides for the continuing safety and security of Foundry personnel,
equipment, buildings and congregants. Ensures accessibility of
buildings, grounds and facilities to those with disabilities. With the
Facilities and Operations Committee, develops contingent plans for
emergencies that might threaten the safety and security of personnel,
congregants, facilities and equipment. Maintains liaison with first
responders to ensure their familiarity with Foundry operations and

7. Conducts or oversees the continuing assessment and improvement of
technology to enable and enhance the ministries of the church,
including IT, database systems, telephones, security, lighting and
sound, office equipment, and live-streaming. Responds urgently to
system and equipment failures, ensuring prompt recovery of service.

8. Ensures the maintenance and security of records, including compliance
with relevant records system requirements and records retention
policies. Meets, or ensures, the meeting of all reporting requirements
of the Baltimore-Washington Conference and the United Methodist
Church and applicable state and local governments. Advises church
staff and relevant committees of those requirements.

9. Facilitates human resource management, orienting new personnel in
personnel policies and procedures, the provisions of the personnel
manual, payroll procedures, and entitlement to benefits. Maintains
personnel records and provides for their security and limiting access to
those with a need to know. Provides information to the personnel
committee for compensation planning, compliance with performance
management, and currency of position descriptions.

10. Attends and constructively participates in staff meetings,
conveying relevant information and responding constructively and
collaboratively to inquires or requests for assistance. Meets with
committees for whom the Church Business Administrator is the staff
liaison, exchanging information, and acts within established priorities
to requests for information or assistance.

11. Periodically reports the status of operations to the Senior Pastor;
keeps the Senior Pastor immediately and fully apprised of
developments that might require the Senior Pastor’s intervention or
which might adversely affect the operations of the church.

- A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education and experience in
business administration, finance, accounting, or personnel administration.

- Ten years experience preferred of progressively responsible experience in
a church or non-profit supervising the operations of an organization with a
multi-million dollar budget, including its accounting and database
management systems.

- Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
and in constructing succinct, timely and pertinent reports.

- Ability to work effectively, harmoniously and responsively with other staff
members and congregants, including diverse groups of persons such as
those found in an inclusive congregation.

- Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as they
apply to a non-profit organization.

- A working knowledge of state and federal laws related to the functions of
this position.

- Ability to establish and maintain appropriate priorities and meet
established deadlines.

- Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality and integrity.

- Ability to negotiate effectively, ethically and firmly on behalf of the church.

- Demonstrated ability to exercise initiative and, as needed, to create and

- Proficiency in the use of computers and a wide range of business
applications and systems, especially church accounting systems and other
systems tailored for church and non-profit organizations.

- A commitment both to continuing personal development and self-care,
and maintaining wholeness as a person.

Additional Application Information:
-- Applications Instructions: Send cover letter & resume to employment@foundryumc.gov
-- Salary range: $70,000-$85,000

Posting Dates: 
12/11/2017 to 01/26/2018
Job Type: 
Full time
Job Category: 
Church, Administration
Contact Name: 
Samantha Sweeney
Contact Email: