Details for upcoming semesters will be available at the time of pre-registration in the middle of the semester, and more distant plans may be ascertained by consulting the divisional representative or the instructors concerned.

Registration and Course Schedule, including Limited Electives and Daily Calendar

The above link to Duke Box includes the following:

  • Schedule of Classes- There may be times when this document and DukeHub are not consistent due to a delay in submitting changes to DukeHub and DukeHub being updated. DukeHub is the official record and where students enroll in classes. This document is a guide. Thank you for your patience.
  • Course Descriptions for new courses or courses not taught in a while
  • Daily Calendar
  • Limited Elective Course Listings (Spring 2008 to present) - this document will help you confirm what classes are able to fulfill limited electives in the M.Div. paradigm.

Consult the Divinity Bulletin for information about courses offered through Duke Divinity School.

Course Overload Request

If you are considering enrolling in more than 4 courses, this is considered an overload, and you will need permission from the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs to do this.  Factors that are considered in granting permission include, but are not limited to, non-credit courses during the upcoming semester, the student's academic record, e.g. spiritual formation, field education, and incomplete coursework from previous semesters. Please use the  link below to submit your request for 5 classes

Factors that are considered in granting an overload request include:

  • Year in school: First-semester students are not able to take a fifth course. Second semester students cannot be granted an overload until their grades are recorded from the first semester.
  • Grade point average: Students generally must have a GPA over a 3.0, although extenuating circumstances will be considered.
  • Transcript: A student with incompletes from the previous semester will not be allowed to enroll in a fifth course.
  • A student's plans to manage the extra work: What are your commitments outside of the Divinity School (church, family, work, volunteering, etc.) and how will you manage the additional work.

Students do not need permission to audit a fifth course. You do need permission to take a fifth course for a grade or on a pass/fail basis.

A note about CPE for academic credit: If a student is planning on enrolling in CPE for Duke Divinity academic credit, please note that CPE ordinarily accounts for two Duke Divinity classes. If you completed CPE in the summer then a student should enroll in one unit of CPE for academic credit in the Fall semester and one unit of CPE for academic credit in spring semester. If you have general questions about CPE please contact Field Education. If you have questions about how to enroll in CPE for Duke Divinity academic credit, please contact the Academic Programs Office. 

Advanced Placement

Students who have previous course work at the undergraduate or graduate level can request to take an upper-level course in the same area as the core course. The upper-level course must be taken on a graded basis. To request advanced placement, students should submit the advanced placement form on the Forms & Paradigms page. Unless otherwise noted, the advanced placement form should go to the faculty chair for the division of the course the student would like to take.