Obtaining Copy Paper

The Copy Room orders copy paper for the entire Divinity School. Other office supplies are handled by each department or office.

Getting Copies Printed/Scanned

The Copy Room prints and scans copies of materials for staff and faculty, while also providing a copier (the Lexmark or smaller copier) that you can use to do your own.  You can scan directly to a flash drive, or enter your username and password to scan to a folder on the Shared Drive at S/NetworkScans.

Copy/Scanning Guidelines

Allow two days turnaround time for the materials to be copied/scanned during most of the year except for emergencies. However, three days turnaround time is required before, during and after the first week of each semester when demand for copies is highest. Support services for faculty have the highest priority.

If your copy/scan job is large, you are requested to fill out a Copy/Scan Request Form.

Of the two printers in the Copy Room, you should use the smaller Lexmark printer for all incidental copying and scanning.

Copying jobs involving thousands of pages should be discussed in advance with Katie Benjamin to determine if the work should be done by an outside vendor. FedEx Office (Kinko’s) is a good backup plan if you need copies/scans in an emergency. The closest location is: 610 9th St.in Durham or call (919) 286-1000.

The Copy Room provides just basic scanning for most faculty and staff. There are many options/parameters/settings to scanning, so some offices, departments have their own process. For more information, contact the Divinity Help Desk.

Scanned material will be accessible on the Shared Drive in the S:\MediaCenter/Drop Box/ under your name if the Copy Room scans it,  or on Shared Drive in the S:\NetworkScans under your name if you scan it on the Lexmark copier.


Faculty and Departmental Mailboxes
Mailboxes for individual faculty members and for Divinity School departments, offices and initiatives are located in the Copy Room at Room 09 of Gray Building. The Copy Room staff handles distribution Mondays through Fridays.

U.S. Mail, Duke Campus Mail and Divinity School Mail Processes
U.S. Postal Service mail, Duke campus mail and Divinity School mail are processed each weekday by the Copy Room. Duke Postal Operations delivers incoming U.S. mail and Duke campus mail and picks up outgoing mail at about 1 p.m. daily.

A Copy Room staff member collects outgoing U.S., Duke campus and Divinity School mail daily from Divinity School departments, offices and initiatives at about 11 a.m. The staffer then delivers that day’s incoming U.S., Duke campus and Divinity School mail at about 2 p.m.

Duke campus mail should be addressed with a name and box number. Do not include any further information. U.S. Postal Service mail must have a cost center number to be charged to that the sender writes in the area near the return address.

See more information about Duke campus mail.


The Copy Room handles the FedEx process for the faculty; departments, offices and initiatives usually do their own. FedEx supplies of an incidental nature can be requested in the Copy Room, however, each staff assistant of a department or office needs to sign up on FedEx website (where the Divinity School has an account) to ship. The Copy Room receives and delivers FedEx shipments throughout the Divinity School. The FedEx drop off point at the Divinity School is the hallway at the Kilgo entrance to the Divinity School located in the Gray Building.

Lost and Found

The Divinity School Lost and Found location is in the Copy Room at 09 Gray Building, with the exception of anything related to food. Food related items such as water bottles should be left in the student kitchen, also located on the 0 level of Gray Building.

Mailing Addresses

All Divinity School departments, offices, initiatives, and individuals should use the following general mailing address except for a few designated areas that have their own specific address:

407 Chapel Drive
Duke Box #90968
Durham, NC 27708

The Copy Room sorts and delivers the mail primarily by using the name of an individual and department, not by specific box numbers.

Physical Addresses

On-Campus Location:
The Divinity School’s main location is on Duke University West Campus adjacent to Duke Chapel. The address is:

Duke Divinity School
Duke University
407 Chapel Drive
Duke Box #90968
Durham, NC 27708-0968

Contact info:
Main Phone Number: ( 919) 660-3400
General Fax Number: (919) 660-3473 (fax machine located in the Copy Room, 09 Gray Building)

Off-Campus Location

The school also has an off-campus site for the Leadership Education at Duke Divinity initiative located near downtown Durham at Kent Corner. The address is:

Kent Corner
1121 W. Chapel Hill St., Suite 200
Durham, NC 27701

Contact info:
(919) 613-5323