Duke Divinity school will hold a lecture, "Witnessing Trauma: Personal Testimonies in Disaster Liturgies," by Dr. Kerstin Menzel, research associate in practical theology at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Mainline churches in Germany have been entrusted with crafting liturgies for use in public commemoration of disasters. During Covid19, after a flood, or a plane crash, worship services have included personal testimonies from survivors and those in helping professions. Dr. Menzel will reflect on the power and the possibility of speaking of events that leave one speechless and the relationship of these testimonies to liturgical texts, biblical language, preaching, and pastoral interventions of care.

Dr. Menzel focuses her research on the transformation of sacred space in a secular context and the pastoral role in rural congregations. Her current project engages mass trauma through preaching and liturgy. Her lecture at Duke Divinity School is sponsored by the Divinity homiletic faculty.  All are welcome.