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Public presentation by visiting scholar Dr. Wai Luen Kwok of Hong Kong Baptist University with responses from Dr. Nina Balmaceda and Dr. Stanley Hauerwas.

Since the enforcement of the National Security Law in 2020, public theology becomes more and more dangerous if not impossible in Hong Kong. This lecture offers a theological critique of seeking "security" rather than peace. A theology of peace envisions a Christian life for truth, justice, love, and mercy in a divided society. Though this theological project may be considered by the state as subversive and "divisive," it strives for the common good and the well-being of the whole society.

This event is being co-sponsored by the Duke Divinity Historical Division, Divinity Global and Intercultural Formation, and the Center for Reconciliation.


Dr. Wai Luen Kwok
Dr. Wai Luen Kwok
Keynote Speaker

Head of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University

Nina Balmaceda headshot in black suit and red shirt
Dr. Nina Balmaceda

Associate Director for the Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School

Stanley Hauerwas headshot in blue shirt and red and green tie
Dr. Stanley Hauerwas

Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law at Duke University