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From the Archives

Alumni, Take Notice! February 1936

Class of 1931–32—Advocates for the school’s first alumni publication included Wilson Weldon D’34 (second row, third from left), Dean Elbert Russell (first row, eighth from left), and Duke University President William Few (first row, center, wearing hat). Professor Gilbert T. Rowe’s is at Few’s right.The Divinity School’s first alumni publication— The Duke School of Religion Bulletin —debuted 75 years ago in response to a request from the Class of 1929 that “steps be taken in order to have a closer contact between the faculty of the School of Religion and its alumni.” All alumni were asked to contribute a membership fee of $1.00 “in order that the work may be carried on.” In 1941, the school’s name was changed to The Divinity School, and the alumni publication became The Duke Divinity School Bulletin .

Greetings to the Alumni

RussellThis first issue of The School of Religion Bulletin is occasion for mutual felicitations on the part of faculty, students and alumni …. The alumni especially are to be congratulated on this attainment of a means of communication with the School for which the Alumni Association has worked so faithfully. We expect that it will enable us to maintain in fuller measure than heretofore the relationship of personal knowledge and sympathetic understanding which existed so happily for us during the period of your residence in the School. It will also help the members of the faculty to keep more fully informed of your work and successes, of which we have ever increasing reason to be proud. On behalf of the faculty, students and the editorial committee, I send you greetings and good wishes.

— Elbert Russell
Dean of the Duke School of Religion (1928–1941)