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Generous Support for the Divinity School
The Divinity School and Duke University have recently passed the halfway point in Duke Forward, the comprehensive fundraising campaign that supports Duke’s continuing leadership in innovative, collaborative education in service to the world. The overall goal is $3.25 billion, and commitments are now at 58 percent. The goal for the Divinity School is $80 million, much of that designated for student financial aid. We are pleased to be at 72 percent of our goal, and it is likely that the goal will be increased.

Recent Commitments
A commitment of $1 million from Paul Amos T’98 and his wife, Courtney Goodwin Amos T’99, of Columbus, Ga., given through the Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation, will provide new resources for the Center for Reconciliation; a major bequest commitment by Ed Ellis D’67 and his wife, Charlotte Ellis, of Columbia, S.C., will fund the Edgar and Charlotte Ellis Family Scholarship Fund; a $604,000 charitable gift annuity from James L. Matheson T’51, D’54 of Wardensville, W.Va., will ultimately increase the principal of the James L. Matheson Scholarship Fund; $150,000 from the Wesley Men’s Fellowship Class at Providence UMC in Charlotte, N.C., will be matched and provide the J. Everette Flora Scholarship Fund honoring a longtime teacher; $100,000—half from Ron and Kasey Beaton, both D’12, of Appleton City, Mo., and half from the Cal Turner Foundation of Nashville, Tenn., has established the Kenneth L. Carder Scholarship Fund in honor of the United Methodist bishop and former Divinity School faculty member; a charitable gift annuity of $100,000 from Era Mae Rickman of Southern Pines, N.C., will fund the Richardson-Rickman Scholarship Fund (her brother is J. Earl Richardson D’51); a bequest intention of $100,000 from Loy Harris D’95 and his wife, Colleen, of Belchertown, Mass., will fund the Loy E. and Edith H. Harris Scholarship Fund in memory of his parents; a bequest intention of $50,000 has been made by Russell E. Martin D’70, D’71 of Painesville, Ohio; and a commitment of $50,000 from Douglas M. Lawson G’63 and his wife, Barbara T. Lawson, of Dallas, Texas, will be matched to establish the Douglas and Barbara Lawson Scholarship Fund.

Unrestricted Scholarships
Several Divinity-related friends are establishing new unrestricted scholarships with their commitments of $75,000, which will be added to matching funds of $25,000 each from the Williams Challenge: Keith Glover T’51, D’54 and his wife, Frances Glover, of Raleigh, N.C., for the R. Keith and Frances H. Glover Scholarship Fund; Bill Shillady D’81 and his wife, Judith Shillady, of Tuckahoe, N.Y., for the William S. and Judith A. Shillady Scholarship Fund; Louise C. Hall D’83 and her husband, Paul Hall, of Durham, N.C., doubling the principal of the Vanessa Louise Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund; Rick and Kathy Kirkpatrick of Cary, N.C., and their son Nathan Kirkpatrick D’03 of Durham, N.C., for the Kirkpatrick Family Scholarship Fund (which also includes substantial bequest commitments); and Hope Morgan Ward T’73, D’78 with her husband, Mike Ward, of Raleigh, N.C., along with her siblings and spouses (who include Tim Tyson G’94) and their mother, Doris Morgan, of Corapeake, N.C., for the Samuel L. and Doris P. Morgan Scholarship Fund. Other Williams Challenge match-eligible gifts (matching 1:3) will help to support the Stanley Hauerwas Scholarship Fund, including $20,000 from the Soderquist Family Foundation and $25,000 from Greg Jones D’85, G’88 and his wife, Susan Pendleton Jones D’84, of Chapel Hill, N.C. Another major gift commitment received to date for the Stanley Hauerwas Scholarship Fund is $20,000 from Sam Wells and Jo Bailey Wells of London, England. Richard and Judy Hays of Durham, N.C., have provided a gift of $25,000 for Divinity Scholarship support.

Additional Gifts
Additional gifts include $38,000 from Eric and Candace Law of Berkley, Mich., along with an anonymous contribution of $10,000 in memory of Jacqueline M. Zinn T’79, to support Theology and the Arts; $22,500 from Michael R. Lyon of Clarksville, Va., in honor of his wife, Cordelia Jane Tucker Lyon D’08, and in memory of Cordelia Hayes Tucker for the Baptist House of Studies; $15,000 from Cynthia Oualline of Houston, Texas, for the Christian Witness in the City Program; a $10,000 charitable gift annuity from James C. P. Brown D’51 of Southern Pines, N.C., for unrestricted support; and $10,000 from T. Harold Crowder M’55 and his wife, Thelma Barclift Crowder WC’56, of South Boston, Va., adding to the Chancie and Thelma Barclift Scholarship Fund.

Foundation Support
Recent foundation support includes $250,000 from Lilly Endowment, Inc. for a study addressing the Economic Challenges of Student Debt; $150,000 from the Herring Family Foundation to encourage Leadership Giving for the Divinity Annual Fund; $60,000 from the Windgate Charitable Foundation for United Methodist student scholarships; $36,404 from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina for the Baptist House of Studies; $40,000 from the Cornerstone Trust and $35,000 from the Issachar Fund Initiative for the Center for Reconciliation; $24,800 from the Foundation for Evangelism to support teaching evangelism; $19,700 from the James A. Gray Trust for continuing ministerial education programs; $15,000 from the C. M. Herndon Foundation for the Clair M. and Mary D. Herndon Memorial Scholarship Fund; and $12,000 from Keith and Brenda Brodie of Durham, N.C., through the Devonwood Foundation for a research project on the Sermons of Karl Barth. The Duke Endowment and the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry also continue to provide generous funding for the work of the Divinity School.

Divinity Annual Fund
An essential resource each year for student financial aid, the Divinity Annual Fund is the primary way by which friends of the Divinity School give general support and graduates express their continuing loyalty and gratitude. The internal goal for fiscal year 2014, which will end June 30, is $700,000. We celebrate our most generous Annual Fund donors which includes Bill McCutchen E’62 and his wife, Renie L. McCutchen WC’62, of Westport, Conn.; Morris Williams T’62, G’63 and his wife, Ruth Williams WC’63, of Gladwyne, Pa.; J. Charles Dunn D’63 of Mocksville, N.C.; Jack Bovender T’67, G’69 and his wife, Barbara Bovender, of Nashville, Tenn.; Mac and Becky Briggs of Bethlehem, Pa.; Roland Barnhardt T’69, D’72 and his wife, Emilie Barnhardt, of Winston-Salem, N.C.; and Vann and Ann York of High Point, N.C.

Every gift counts and all contributions, especially from recent graduates who are “giving forward rather than giving back,” are cherished.