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Initiatives & Centers

Through collaboration that crossed disciplines, Dean Jones helped extend the school’s mission.

From his first days at Duke Divinity School, Dean Jones collaborated with other faculty and staff to create initiatives, centers, and programs to help the school extend its mission in areas ranging from congregational and Christian institutional leadership to racial and tribal reconciliation and clergy health.

Among the programs he has championed in the last 13 years:

  • The Duke Youth Academy
  • The Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life
  • Pulpit & Pew
  • Courage to Serve
  • Sustaining Pastoral Excellence
  • The Episcopal Leadership Forum for United Methodist Bishops
  • The Duke Center for Reconciliation
  • The Anglican Episcopal House of Studies
  • Thriving Rural Communities
  • The Clergy Health Initiative
  • Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts
  • The Hispanic House of Studies
  • Leadership Education at Duke Divinity
  • The Summer Institute