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Faculty & Staff Notes

Abdullah AntepliAbdullah T. Antepli delivered the opening prayer for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., March 3. Antepli served as guest chaplain at the invitation of Congressman David Price, D-N.C. View video of the event .

Tonya D. Armstrong
published “Moving the Church to Social Action: Introduction to the Special Issue” and “Radical Hospitality: Welcoming the Stranger” (co-authored with Amelia Roberts-Lewis and Amanda Sackreiter, respectively) in Social Work and Christianity (37.2, Summer 2010). She presented “Embodying Effective Leadership of, for, and with Women” for the AME Supervisors Retreat, Cary, N.C., Jan. 14; delivered the keynote address, “Relationship with God across the Life Span,” for Reid Temple AME’s “Strengthening the Black Family” conference, Glenn Dale, Md., Jan. 14–16; and presented “Spiritually- Centered Holistic Hospice Care of the Elderly with Advanced Illness” for the Community Home Care and Hospice Medical Directors Conference, Myrtle Beach, S.C., March 12.

Jason Byassee published the book Gifts of the Small Church and “Prisons and the Body of Christ: Justice and Grace,” in Books & Culture (Jan./Feb. 2010). He presented “Leadership as Prophetic Listening” at the Mission to Ministers conference, sponsored by the Finch-Hunt Institute for Homiletical Studies, Charlotte, N.C., Feb. 2; and delivered the lecture “Augustine and the Virtues” at The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va., Feb. 10. He preached at Andrews Chapel UMC, Durham, N.C., Feb. 7; and at Aldersgate UMC, Durham, for a Lenten service Feb. 24. He preached and spoke at Mount Olive College March 8–9; and led a daylong retreat on the theme “Praying the Psalms with Jesus: How to Praise and Lament like God” for the deacons of Watts Street Baptist Church, Durham, N.C., Feb. 27.

Kenneth L. Carder taught on the topic “Punishment and Grace” at Union UMC, Irmo, S.C., Feb. 28; and preached at a Lenten celebration for a cluster of United Methodist churches in the Columbia District of the South Carolina Conference that evening. He preached at Munsey Memorial UMC, Johnson City, Tenn., March 14; at Amity UMC, Chapel Hill, where he also led a seminar on the church and prison ministry, March 21; and for the “Festival of God’s Creation” at Duke Memorial UMC, Durham, where he also shared in the discussion of the Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on God’s Renewed Creation, April 25. Carder spoke to the Southeastern Jurisdiction directors of United Methodist Foundations on the topic “Prophetic Stewardship: Investing in God’s Justice” at Duke Divinity School March 18. He preached the sermon for the Divinity School’s April 22 Closing Convocation.

James L. Crenshaw published Dust & Ashes: Poems (Cascade). The volume, edited by Katherine Lee, is from the series Art for Faith’s Sake. Crenshaw, the Robert L. Flowers professor emeritus of Old Testament, is currently writing a commentary on the book of Job. Ellen F. Davis gave the keynote address at a University of Chicago conference, “The Prophetic Interpreter,” Feb. 19. She led the Clergy Study Day for the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies March 11, on the topic “Prophets and Prophetic Ministry: Biblical and Contemporary Perspectives.” She preached for the Evensong service at King’s College, Cambridge, April 1 (Maundy Thursday); and at Duke Chapel April 11.

Mary McClintock FulkersonMary McClintock Fulkerson published the chapter “Feminist Theology” in Liberation Theologies in the United States: An Introduction , edited by Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas and Anthony B. Pinn (New York University Press). She participated on a panel celebrating the work of feminist theologian Mary Daly at the Mary Daly Fest, Duke University, Feb. 18. She presented “Redemptive Disruptions and the Potential Power of Domestic Difference” at the conference “The Household of God and Local Households: Revisiting the Domestic Church,” organized by the Ecclesiological Investigations Research Network, at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, March 10–13; and was a panel responder at the American Theological Society meeting on Christology, Princeton Theological Seminary, March 27. She continues to co-lead the Pauli Murray Project reading group at Asbury Temple UMC, Durham, with Leoneda Inge.

Paul J. Griffiths published “The Nature of Desire” in First Things (December 2009); “Pray without Ceasing” in Christian Reflection (2009); “How My Mind Has Changed” in The Christian Century (Nov. 3, 2009); a review of Carlos Eire’s A Very Brief History of Eternity in First Things (January 2010); and a review of Gary Anderson’s Sin: A History in Commonweal (Jan. 29, 2010). He was the keynote speaker at the Christian Scholarship Seminar “Teaching, Learning, and Christian Practices” at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich., Oct. 29–31. He lectured on the subject of Augustine on the passions at