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Vibrant Christian Institutions

The investment of social entrepreneurship requires support for Christian leaders of institutions and leaders of Christian institutions.

gift that he shares with the Divinity School’s Center for Reconciliation as an advisory board member. Heurertz led Word Made Flesh from near financial insolvency to revenues of nearly $2 million, with affiliated ministries in 11 countries on five continents.

All of this has been done with small donations. Word Made Flesh is grounded by the seven points of its mission statement, which begins with Jesus and the kingdom of God and includes a commitment to the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. In both good and bad economic times, donors have responded to support the commitment and work of Word Made Flesh.

Heuertz and many others we have met are both doing good work and serving as signs of hope for those who are discouraged by the challenges. Our mission has two facets. We want to cultivate leaders like Heuertz by providing the resources that they need to create, renew, and sustain vibrant Christian institutions. And we want to cultivate the Christian institutions needed in order to cultivate thriving communities that are signs of God’s reign.