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denominational leaders at the regional and national level. It encourages leaders to consider their practice of leadership, and it equips leaders with needed tools and strategies to navigate the complexities and changing landscape of denominational and institutional life today.

People of all denominations who are transitioning from parish ministry to executive-level positions within denominational governing bodies or who have been in their role fewer than three years are welcome to apply for this selective program. An application is required. The faculty for this event include those with extensive experience working with denominations and other organizations.

For inquiries about the program, email

Preparing for Ordination

The United Methodist Full Connection Seminar was held at Duke Divinity School Sept. 10–11, 2012.

This theological workshop was designed to help United Methodists participating in the ordination process prepare for their board interviews and written examinations.

The seminar featured a series of 10 lectures by distinguished faculty and practitioners that address the traditional Disciplinary questions for ordination. These lectures were made available in advance, creating more time for participants to discuss, worship together, meet with annual conference officials, and share thoughts and perceptions about the ordination process. More information »

Retreat for Hispanic and Latino Pastors

Latinos in this country, and particularly those in the immigrant community, face countless existential crises every day. There is a great need to provide effective and transformative pastoral care to this group And yet pastors are often not prepared to deal with these crises effectively, sensitively, and wholly. 

This inaugural event was “Immersed in the Heart of the Good Shepherd: A First Retreat for Pastors Serving the Hispanic/Latino Community,” held in Pine Knoll Shores, N.C., April 13–15, 2012. Participants were immersed in the heart of the Good Shepherd through praise, worship, and theological reflection. Pablo Polischuk, professor of psychology and pastoral counseling at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, led the sessions. Worship was led by Fede and Roni Apecena, lay leaders at Fiesta Cristiana at Apex UMC in Apex, N.C.

Doctor of Ministry: Leadership in the Christian Tradition

The D.Min. degree is a professional doctorate that provides an opportunity for post-M.Div. education to pastors and other Christian leaders. The Leadership in Christian Education cohort is designed for those who wish to pursue rigorous and imaginative reflection on the topic of Christian leadership through the study of Scripture, church history, and contemporary theology, as well as engagement with the fields of leadership and management studies. More information »

Convocation & Pastors’ School
Form/Reform: Cultivating Christian Leaders
October 15–16, 2012

The annual Convocation & Pastors’ School is an intensive two-day conference that offers lectures, worship, and seminars for Christian leaders of all traditions. Led by scholars and practitioners from Duke and beyond, this event is a cooperative endeavor with the North Carolina and Western North Carolina Conferences of the United Methodist Church. The Convocation also includes gatherings of Duke Divinity School alumni.

In a world where innovation is acclaimed and tradition is deemed suspect, where messages are abundant but true wisdom is muted, Christian leadership is sorely needed. What do congregations need to do to form Christians for today … and tomorrow? And what formation and re-formation is needed for pastors and professors to equip the saints for the work of ministry? 

Join Fuller Theological Seminary president Richard J. Mouw, author Andy Crouch, theologian Sarah Coakley, and pastor Prince Raney Rivers to explore the shaping of Christians for leadership in an increasingly diverse and evolving social landscape.