Duke Divinity students come from many different backgrounds and more than 47 different denominations. Some are recent college graduates. Some already have advanced degrees in other disciplines or successful professional careers. For all of our students, seminary is the next step in following God's call to serve. Discernment continues as the Divinity School challenges students to articulate their faith, deepen their understanding of God and the church, and grow in community together. 

At a Glance

  • 33% of the student body are from underrepresented or non-specified ethnic or racial groups
  • 49% of entering M.Div. students identify as female
  • 42 states and 13 countries are represented in our student body
  • Our students come from United Methodist, Baptist, Anglican/Episcopalian, and more than 44 other denominations and faith traditions

Student News

Our students come from all walks of life to grow in community, deepen their scholarship, and commit to the life of the church.