RISE (Refresher and Intensive for Scholarly Enrichment) is an optional pre-orientation academic workshop that helps incoming students develop the skills needed to critically engage religious texts and write theologically. This year it will be held online in either late July or early August 2020.

Over the course of the program, students will be able to attend online lectures given by Divinity School faculty and staff, and participate in workshops of about ten to fifteen students. The goal is to engage some brief biblical and theological texts (which we shall ask you to read prior to the workshops) in order to develop effective ways to read, analyze, and write using biblical, historical, and theological lenses. While learning how to engage these texts is ultimately an extended process—and one that is essential for your education at the Divinity School—RISE will serve as an introduction to the type of challenging (and rewarding) work you will be asked to do in your courses.

If you have been out of school for some time, lack a background in humanities and/or religious studies, or simply believe you would benefit from some initial preparation for the courses you will be taking in your first year, we encourage you to participate.

Registration for RISE will begin in mid-June (when a link for registration will be activated on this page).

Program Details

RISE is a preparatory program specifically designed to support students who may not have a theological or religious studies background, have a significant gap of time since they were last in school, or want to prepare for their academic life before classes begin.

Over the course of two days students will work with selected theological texts. Participants will learn effective ways to read the texts, then analyze and write about these readings through a theological lens. RISE serves as an introduction to the type of challenging work that will be required at Duke Divinity School.