Duke Divinity School maintains partnerships with several international church and scholastic institutions. The partnership programs afford the opportunity for Duke Divinity School faculty and staff to visit, teach, serve and learn from the partner institutions, and for students, faculty and staff from the partner schools to visit Duke University. Duke Divinity School has partnerships with the Catholic Church in Uganda and the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and Seth Mokitimi Seminary in South Africa:

In addition, several faculty members at Duke Divinity teach from time to time at  the Course of Study in El Salvador.

The Methodist Church of Southern Africa and Seth Mokitimi Seminary in South Africa

Southern Africa’s story of racial conflict and oppression, its struggle for liberation and search for reconciliation offer significant learning opportunities for Christians of all races. The South African context offers Duke Divinity School an opportunity to study Christian mission history, Christian witness under oppression and in the struggle for racial justice, contextual theology and inter-faith relations. A comprehensive partnership between the Methodist Church of Southern African and Duke Divinity School enriches the experience of Seth Mokitimi Seminary and Duke Divinity School students, faculty and administration, with the hope of making an impact on the churches around the world.

The mutual learning relationship between Duke Divinity School and the Methodist Church of South Africa focuses upon:

  • the ministry of reconciliation
  • ongoing critique of our efforts to facilitate justice and peace throughout the world
  • celebration of peoples in our respective countries who bear witness to the ministry of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit
  • mutual friendship and dialogue whereby we bear one another’s burdens
  • a covenant to pray, study and service, especially through Seth Mokitimi Seminary and Duke Divinity School
The Catholic Church in Uganda

Uganda continues to be an oasis for its troubled siblings in other parts of the African Continent, despite its own challenges. As a result, the church has continuously been engaged in servicing refugee populations from the Congo, Rwanda and other countries as well as addressing the impact of the AIDS pandemic. Partnership possibilities in Uganda include:

  • Academic and or ministerial exchange possibilities for Ugandan students.
  • Field Education placements for DDS students in Kampala, Uganda or its surrounding areas.
  • Ongoing practice of the Pilgrimage of Pain & Hope to Uganda/Rwanda, which took place in the summers of 2005 and 2007. Such a pilgrimage allows for participants to learn about the history of Uganda and the work of the church in the midst of this history.