Interpretation / Exposition

This section is designed to foster continuing conversation regarding the Covenant and its relationship to the Divinity School community:

Our call is lived out in community. We do not claim as our own that which belongs to the community. We will respect the places of learning, help to care for the facilities, and share in the exchange of materials, neither stealing nor abusing books or other valuable tools of learning. We will abstain from cheating of every kind. We will not plagiarize, fabricate, or falsify our work or aid others in these forms of dishonesty. When we observe any forms of dishonesty, we recognize that we are under moral obligation to report the offender to the Academic Dean. In the truthful pursuit of knowledge and understanding, we will foster the honest and respectful exchange of ideas, prepare for class, listen carefully, seek to understand, and give a fair, accurate, and charitable account of ideas, positions, and arguments with which we agree and disagree. In this vital exchange, we will open ourselves to judgment, always seeking to learn and not bear false witness.

Those who claim Christ speak and live truthfully. We are called to show respect to all we meet, acknowledging in our daily behavior on and off the campus that we are called to live in the image of God. We work to strengthen one another in Christ. We are welcoming and hospitable, endeavoring to create a place where all will feel safe and free to share joys and struggles, passions and conflicts, hopes and fears. We serve and do not exploit one another. We honor the friendships we form, transcending self-service with mutual service. We live honestly before our friends, giving and receiving godly wisdom and holding ourselves accountable to one another as disciples of Jesus Christ. We attend to the concerns of our families, avoiding neglect, abuse, or evil counsel. We are faithful to the covenants we enter: personal, marital, familial, communal. We encourage each other to ever-deepening commitment to Christ in prayer, fasting, chastity, worship, study, and acts of charity, justice, and mercy.