Members of the DSC are Divinity School students are nominated and elected annually by the student body. Please contact the co-presidents if you have any questions or concerns.

2014-2015 DSC Officers

Co-President – Sara Bayles
Co-President – D'Najah Pendergrass
Treasurer – Andrew Phillips
Secretary – Abby Carter

2014-2015 Class Representatives

Senior Class
Alease Brown
Ryan Edwardson
Michelle Matthews
Rachel Thompson

Middler Class
Nathan Fox-Helser
Ryan LaRock
Molly Shoulta
Caitlin Trempter

First Year Class
Will Clark 
Tobi Nguyen
Chris Burne
Elizabeth Styron

Degree Representatives
Th.D., D.Min. - Matt Jantzen

Graduate and Professional School Representatives
Corey Tyson
Crystal DesVinges
Wayde Marsh
Brittany Watts
John Howard Jr.