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Annual Report 2008-2009
Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2009

This summary of fiscal year 2008-09 reflects generous gifts and partnerships with alumni, churches, friends, and foundations that sustain the Divinity School and its students. Thank you for helping us meet our budgetary goal during these challenging times.

As stewards of this support, we have moved the Honor Roll of Donors online—a significant savings of printing and postage costs and 1,338 lbs. of recycled paper, or approximately 13 trees. Please visit the 2009 Honor Roll of Donors.



Development Summary

  Divinity School Alumni   1,178 donors $607,033
  Friends   435 donors $464,153
  Other Duke Alumni   183 donors $269,824
      Sub Total: $1,341,010
  Church   78 donors $1,636,893
  Foundation*     $11,102,623
  Corporate   41 donors $773,914
  Other Groups   12 donors $559,785
      Grand Total: $15,414,225
  The Ministerial Education Fund of the UMC contributed $1,421,153
  *The Duke Endowment contributed $8,132,746