Economic Crisis Calls for Leaders’ Best

Connie McNeill, coordinator of administration for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, talks about the impact of the downturn with Faith & Leadership, the online magazine of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

Q: Will the financial crisis make better leaders?

A: The thing that I’ve seen change most in any kind of significant challenge, or crisis even, is how the people who lead are changed. I don’t think you ever go back and undo that. The ability to lead is enhanced and enriched for the rest of the time you serve in leadership because of that crisis or challenge that you’ve led through.

I think you discover within yourself those things that you knew not of, prior to it. Things like courage, steadiness, and wisdom that you either discover or receive in maneuvering the waters of the challenge or the crisis. A strength that you become aware of that you may not have known before. And all of those things enhance your ability to lead going forward. 

Excerpted from Faith & Leadership where you may read the full interview and watch a video. To find other articles about the economy’s impact, search the Faith & Leadership site under “ Principles and Practice: Money.”

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