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Designer Babies

“Why is it that now, at a time when ‘hope’ is supposed to still be resilient over despair, there would be a thriving market for choosing to love a child who looks more like you, or perhaps more like someone more aesthetically normative than your spouse?

Amy Laura Hall, associate professor of Christian ethics, in an op-ed for the April 15, 2009, issue of The United Methodist Reporter on a fertility clinic’s offer of “predictive genomics,” screening embryos for reasons not directly health related

Paul’s Outreach

“The theological implications of his radical moves on pagan inclusion have equally radical implications for gender and sexual inclusion.

Douglas Campbell , assistant professor of New Testament, quoted in the March 12, 2009, issue of The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) on Paul’s outreach to non-Jews during Roman times

Genuine Relationships

“The concern is that technology like e-mail and the internet can substitute for genuine human relationships.

Paul Griffiths , Warren professor of Catholic theology, quoted in the March 9, 2009, issue of The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.) on church views of technology

Business and Theology

“When I started to serve a leadership role at Duke, I found there were sources in business that I could read and try to adapt to a divinity school or there were theological sources that could inspire me but really didn’t help in terms of the actual work.... I wanted to see if we could get these together.

L. Gregory Jones , dean and professor of theology, commenting to Duke Today March 5, 2009, on the Divinity School’s work in leadership education

Visual Appeal

“There is it seems to me a kind of translation activity going on here. We are more sophisticated as a culture in reading images often than we are in reading complicated literary texts. I think that’s one part of the appeal....

Ellen Davis, professor of Bible and practical theology, commenting to Minnesota Public Radio on Feb. 10, 2009, on niche versions of the Bible with strong visual elements

Presidential Choices

“The choices he (Obama) has made cross the spectrum in the clergy and seem to represent the approach he wants to take to government. Reverend Lowery is an important choice in the civil rights community.

William Turner, associate professor of the practice of homiletics, quoted in the Jan. 15, 2009, issue of  The Sacramento Bee on President Obama’s selection of clergy to participate in his inauguration