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New Divinity School Scholarships

Financial Aid Initiative 2005-2008

The Robert E. and Pearl F. Seymour Scholarship Endowment
     Robert and Pearl Seymour

The T. Reynold and Martha Chesson Spruill Scholarship Fund
     Dian Spruill Williams (WC ’60)

The Marjorie Lutz Douglas Scholarship Endowment Fund
     John Douglas

The Vanessa Louise Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund
     Louise (D’83) and Paul Hall

The Robert E. Cushman Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Brown and Riggins Family Scholarship Fund
     Martha (D’59) and Rodney (D’60, D’64) Brown

The Kimberly St. George Irion Memorial Scholarship Fund
     Mount Vernon Mills and Moon Kwan Ja and George Irion

The Charis Scholarship Fund

The Sally McWhorter Spears and Marshall Turner Spears, Jr. Scholarship Fund
     Daniel M. Nunn (T’01), Leslie C. Grignolo (T’05), Maria H. Grignolo, David M. Nunn,
     and Michael M. Nunn

The Alexander and Mary Haggar Scholarship Fund
     Mary R. Haggar

The Teaching Congregations Scholarship Fund

The Owen Hawes Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
     Rebecca K. Johnson (WC’69)

The A. Morris and Annabel Williams Scholarship Fund
     Ruth (WC’63) and A. Morris (T’62, G’63) Williams Jr.

The Mary G. and Donald H. Stange Distinguished Scholars Fund
     The Stange Trust and David and Norma Stone

The Stange Financial Aid Initiative Challenge Scholarship Fund
     The Stange Trust

The Helen and Everette Eason Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
     Bill Eason (T’65, L’68), Don Eason, Steve Eason (D’79), Susan Mullis Eason

The Timothy R. Hickey Scholarship Fund
     Bruce and Peggy Ann Kresge and friends

The McCutchen World Christianity Scholarship Fund
     Bill (E’62) and Renie (WC’62) McCutchen

The Ruth Lilly Scholarship Fund
     Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation

The Janet Swingle English Memorial Scholarship Fund
     Carole English and William English

The Ben F. Meyer Scholarship Fund
     Max (T’49, D’52) and Ann (WC’55) Wicker

The R. Wensell and Marion Norris Grabarek Scholarship Fund
     Wense and Marion Grabarek

The William A. Ritter Scholarship Fund

The Charles L. Fonville Family Scholarship Fund
     Charlie Fonville

The Patricia Parker Willimon and William H. Willimon Scholarship Fund
     Will and Patsy Willimon

The William Lee Proctor Memorial Scholarship Fund
     J. T. and Sandi Rowell

The Jones-Pickens Family Scholarship Fund
     Merritt (T’52) and Susan (WC’52) Jones

The Anderson-Hakim Scholarship Fund
     Raymond and Vickie Hakim

The James L. Matheson Scholarship Fund
     Jim Matheson (T’51, D’54)

The William L. Carson Scholarship Fund
     The Carson Foundation

The G. David and Judith Walker Scyster Scholarship Fund
     Judith Walker Scyster (WC ’63)

The David E. and Terry B. Lupo Scholarship Fund
     David (T’76, D’83) and Terry Lupo

The Rose and Leonard Herring Scholarship Fund
     Leonard and Rose Herring