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Facebook Friends

“But Facebook friends and social networking are not adequate substitutes for authentic friendship. We long for relationships with people who know us so well that their lives impact and influence ours. Young people love the high-tech world of multitasking and interactive media, but like the rest of us, they long for personal intimacy.

L. Gregory Jones, dean and professor of theology, in the “Faith Matters” column, published in the July 15, 2008, edition of The Christian Century

Right Worship and Ecology

“In the Bible there is an essential relationship between social justice and right worship and ecology. The Bible has an intense interest in ecology. The land bearing the cost of global warming is new, but the connection between what humankind does and what societies they form and the health of the land and agriculture is as old as the Bible itself.

Stephen Chapman, associate professor of Old Testament, quoted by ABC News, June 12, 2008, following a series of floods in the Midwest

Operatic Lambeth

“Lambeth 2008 feels almost operatic. And as in many great operas, much of the drama happened prior to the curtain’s going up.

Lauren Winner, assistant professor of Christian spirituality, posting on Beliefnet, July 16, 2008

Church Survival

“If you do the minimal thing—run a worship service once a week and lock up for the rest of the week—they’re not that expensive to run. Some of them have very valuable property and big endowments and they can go on for decades with shockingly few people in the pews.

Mark Chaves, professor of sociology, religion, and divinity, quoted in the June 15, 2008, issue of The Boston Globe on why few churches close down each year

Presence of Holiness

“It fills you with devotion and a sense that you’re in the presence of something very holy.

Paul Griffiths, Warren professor of Catholic theology, quoted in the April 17, 2008, issue of The (Raleigh, N.C.) News & Observer on the reaction of Catholics who saw Pope Benedict XVI during his U.S. visit

Unhelpful Perceptions

“Though Pentecostals are diverse and rapidly mainstreaming themselves, the public still perceives them as sectarian and uncompromising, and those traits will not help Palin’s image.

Grant Wacker, professor of Christian history, commenting Sept. 4, 2008, to The Associated Press on Pentecostalism and presidential politics