Making Connections

“Religion in the Public Square,” held March 27-28, 2008, brought together Duke Divinity School faculty with a cross section of journalists who cover religion in North Carolina and across the nation.

They participated in four panels:

  1. “America’s God: Trends in American Religion”

  2. “The Ups and Downs of the Mainline”

  3. “Evangelicals after Billy Graham”

  4. “Religion in the Public Square: Where Should the Lines Be Drawn?”

Professor of Christian History Grant Wacker presented a public lecture, “Billy Graham’s America,” from research for his forthcoming cultural biography on Graham.

David Steinmetz
A.R. Kearns Professor of the History of Christianity
Jo Bailey Wells
Associate Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry and Bible, Director of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies
Barbara Bradley Hagerty
National Public Radio
Mark Chaves
Professor of Society, Religion and Divinity
Mark Pinsky
Orlando Sentinel
Ted Olsen
Christianity Today
Grant Wacker
Professor of Christian History
Lauren Winner
Assistant Professor of Christian Spirituality
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