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Ordaining new preachers of the newly organized Methodist Church of Cambodia, a project of five missions, including the United Methodist Church.

Since 2001, Arichea has served the Divinity School as bishop-in-residence and taught two courses designed to raise student awareness of Christianity on the Asian continent.

“I hope that students at Duke come to much more appreciate their Asian brothers and sisters and to be one with them in their struggles to be faithful and committed Christians,” he says.

Now 73, he also teaches at Harris Memorial College, a United Methodist college for deaconesses in the Philippines. Deaconesses there are often commissioned as teachers, youth workers, or music leaders, performing a great deal of the work of the church. In addition, Arichea advises five doctoral students in biblical studies at Philippine Christian University.

Children’s welfare is an issue close to Arichea’s heart. He has been a member of the Council of Bishops Task Force on the Initiative on Children and Poverty, and organized a Children’s Ministry Task Force in the Baguio Episcopal Area. Most recently, he has been active in promoting the well-being of children as chair of the Philippine Interfaith Network for Children (PHILINC). Among other activities, the group is addressing poverty among children affected by recent civil unrest in the Philippines.

Arichea also continues to work throughout Asia on behalf of Christians. He helped organize five Methodist groups working in Cambodia and assisted them in forming the autonomous Methodist Church of Cambodia. His widespread experience with the entire region makes him a strong resource for the church in Asia. As he likes to quip with a wide smile, “I don’t have to be ‘oriented’.”


William E. Pike D’03 is assistant director of stewardship and corporate and foundation relations at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., and a former student in Arichea’s course “Bible and Mission in Asian Context.”

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