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Women ’s Week 2007

Alumnae and other women involved in ministry outside the parish led a panel discussion April 12, 2007, during Women’s Week, which is sponsored annually by Duke Divinity School’s Women’s Center.

Photo by Franklin Golden D’07
Sharing their faith journeys and workplace experiences were (l to r): Tracy Radosevic D’98, Amelia Stinson-Wesley D’93, Jennifer Copeland D’99; Betty Wolfe D’75, Olive Joyner D’05, Jeanette Stokes D’77, Marion Thullbery, Melinda Wiggins D’94 and Rebecca Reyes.

The week concluded with a “Celebration Luncheon” featuring storytelling by Tracy Radosevic and the presentation of awards of gratitude to faculty members Thea Portier-Young, Amy Laura Hall and Laceye Warner for their support of the Women’s Center.

Graduating senior Amy Beth Hougland D’07 presented to the school a copy of the painting “These Stones Will Shout!” (Luke 19:36-40), which she commissioned to recognize women’s contributions to Methodism. Depicted in the painting are Leontine Kelly, first black female bishop; Susanna Wesley; and Minerva Carcana, first Latina female bishop. Other faces in the painting, said Hougland, “represent the unknown women to whom the church has said, ‘Teachers order your disciples to stop.’ Sometimes [women] have been pushed outside the walls of the temple, the wall of our church. Be reminded today, sisters, that these stones will still shout!”

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