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Risks of Individualism

“Americans are hyper-vulnerable to social influences because we emphasize individualism. Everyone is encouraged to be an individual, to deny the influence that communities have on us. But that causes us to look around even more for cues on how we should be acting. It sets us up for extreme conformity and the kind of group scene we saw at Abu Ghraib.

Stanley Hauerwas, G.T. Rowe professor of theological ethics, in response to the question “Do we all have an evil, dark side?” in the March 13, 2007, edition of USA Today.

At Greater Risk

“I think we need to be very attentive to attending to suffering in our patients and do everything we can to help minimize and ameliorate it. African Americans and other minorities are at greater risk of not dying well.

Dr. Richard Payne, director of the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life, quoted in the article “At the End of Life, a Racial Divide” in the March 12, 2007, edition of The Washington Post.

Clergy Fulfillment

“Clergy look at their occupation as a calling. A pastor does get called on to enter into some of the deepest moments of a person's life, celebrating a birth and sitting with people at times of illness or death. There's a lot of fulfillment.

Jackson Carroll, Williams professor emeritus of religion & society, in the article “Money really can’t buy happiness, study finds: Clergy are the most satisfied with their jobs; lawyers, doctors down on the list” in the April 17 edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Global Sweepstakes

“Everybody is watching the Episcopal Church to see how this goes. If it comes apart, in a way, it's too bad because it's about Protestantism's only entry into this kind of global sweepstakes, a kind of international church that tries to regulate itself internationally.

David Steinmetz, Kearns professor of the history of Christianity, in the Feb. 12, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle article “Lodi church rejects Episcopal schism” on the issue of whether gays can join the clergy splitting the world Anglican Communion.